Class of 2022 Outcomes: Michaela Wasersztrum Continues Her Education in Chicago

Oct 19th, 2022

Class of 2022 Outcomes: Michaela Wasersztrum Continues Her Education in Chicago

Michaela W
Michaela Wasersztrum
Class of 2022
Chicago, Illinois

HPU graduates are leading prestigious career paths around the world at Fortune 500 companies, international service programs, public school systems, top-tier law, medical and graduate school programs, and many other esteemed organizations thanks to their journey at HPU. Here’s a glimpse of one extraordinary graduate from the Class of 2022:

Name: Michaela Wasersztrum

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Accounting

Post-graduation plans: Wasersztrum attends DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, and is pursuing her Master of Science in audit and advisory services.

How HPU helped you get there: “All the resources High Point University provided, along with the help and guidance I received from my accounting professors, prepared me for where I am now. Career advisors in the Office of Career and Professional Development also helped me build my resume and LinkedIn profile.”

Most impactful mentor at HPU: “My two most impactful mentors were professors George Noxon, associate professor of accounting and finance, and Scott Davis, associate professor of accounting. They helped me so much with the application process for graduate school and helped me prepare before interviewing for internships. In addition, Professor Noxon helped me through the scholarship application process for the Deloitte Foundation Scholarship, which I received.”

Most impactful moment at HPU: “My most impactful moments at HPU were meeting the many guest speakers who came to HPU. Hearing about other people’s career paths and what they did to accomplish their goals helped me see what other opportunities are out there.”

What are the life skills HPU helped you develop that prepared you for long-term success? “One of the most important life skills that HPU taught me is interview skills. HPU offers so many resources to help students become better and more comfortable in interview settings.”

What are the values and virtues HPU’s campus helped you develop that you will take with you? “All of HPU’s values and virtues are amazing. One that I will take with me is the amount that HPU does to give back to the community. Two huge examples of this are the Annual Veterans Day Celebration and the day of service on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.”

Advice for underclassmen: “Do not be afraid to use your resources. Everyone is there to help you, and they are happy to help.”

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