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B.S.B.A. Accounting

The purpose of the High Point University accounting program is to provide a general professional accounting education leading to careers in both the private and public sectors.  The accounting department encourages and supports an environment where students acquire both applied and theoretical knowledge in the various fields of accounting to form a basis for their careers as professional accountants. As a member of the High Point University Community, the department also provides courses in accounting as a service for both undergraduate and graduate non-accounting majors.

The B.S.B.A. Degree in Accounting provides the student with the analytical foundation of the discipline of accountancy. Included are the special tools of financial reporting and techniques of planning and control using financial and managerial accounting, income taxes, cost analysis and systems. Like all programs at High Point University, the accounting program seeks to develop the whole person. Consequently, the program combines general studies courses with business and accounting courses to provide students with a total academic experience.

Students who would like a less intense program of study can opt to complete a degree in another major with a minor in accounting.

Also students planning on attending graduate schools of business should complete at least the first year of accounting study (ACC 2010 & ACC 2020) even if no further course work is undertaken.


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