Please contact us at 336-841-9142 or come to the Wanek Security Service Center located in the lobby of the Wanek Center.

The Lost and Found Program at High Point University is managed by High Point University Campus Police/Security.  We receive items almost daily from various buildings and departments throughout campus, as well as from local businesses and individuals. The items are then logged into the database as quickly as the current volume allows.

Our efforts are guided by policy and procedure for High Point University Campus Police/Security.  We make every effort to identify and contact the owner of all property that has been turned in to us. Please be sure that your address and phone number are accurate in the University records.

We can’t return your property unless we know how to reach you!

Lost and Found

Please use this form to submit Lost and Found reports to High Point University Campus Police/Security.
Name of individual who lost item
How can HPU Campus Police/Security contact you if the item is found?
Please list your preferred email address to be contacted if the item is found.
What is the last known time/date you had the item?
Please provide a detailed description of the lost item (size, color, manufacturer, any unique identifying features, etc.).
Campus Affiliation?
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Disclaimer: Any personal property lost or abandoned in any building or on any lands belonging to HPU where the owner has been identified and notification has been sent and the property remains unclaimed for a period of 60 calendar days may be sold, donated, transferred to Department use or destroyed.