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  1.  By accepting/using this decal you agree to abide by all parking/traffic regulations at High Point University. Refer to PARKING TERMS and CONDITIONS found at for the most current parking regulations.
  2.   Refer to the instructions printed on the back of the decal for proper placement.
    ** NOTE** The small decal goes on the inside of the front window, just below the rearview mirror.
  3.   ONLY apply the decal to a clean, cool, and dry surface. NEVER a HOT surface.
  4.  Decals do not expire and are valid for your entire tenure while at HPU.
  5.  There is no charge for replacement decals provided:
  6. Your old decal is returned, both front and rear as best as possible, or a photo showing the removed decal, as long as the license plate of the vehicle is able to be seen.
  7. Official Documentation is presented that demonstrates the vehicle and/or decals are no longer in use.
  8.   Reserved and Faculty spaces/ lots are enforced year-round Monday- Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Handicap, Service and Delivery, Early Decision (numbered spaces), Hotel Guest Only, 30-60 minute spaces, along with Visitor spaces are enforced 24/7 year-round.
  9.   Citations are paperless and sent to the registered owner’s HPU email account. Lack of notification on the vehicle is NOT grounds for appeal.
  10.   Citation appeals are ONLY accepted via email to You have seven (7) days to appeal citations.

View Parking Terms and Conditions