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Why Study Computer Science?

What do online shopping, self-driving cars, robotic surgery, and social media all have in common? At the heart of all of these technologies is Computer Science. Do you know of any person or organization that has been victimized by phishing, cyber-stalking, identity theft, or ransomware? These cyber crimes and more are defeated by Computer Scientists.

If you are looking to study something that is purely theoretical, and has no relevance in the modern world, then Computer Science is not for you. If, on the other hand, you would like to invest your time in learning something that touches virtually every aspect of modern society, then you should take a hard look at what Computer Science has to offer.

At High Point University, students have access to the latest technologies, in classes taught by professors dedicated to student success. The B.S. degree allows for in-depth discovery and research in Computer Science, while students taking our optional Cybersecurity concentration can hone their skills in a brand new Cybersecurity lab. For those interested in combining Computer Science with another field of study to earn a double-major, the B.A. degree was designed with the flexibility to allow you to do just that.

The Department of Computer Science’s primary goal is to develop the aptitudes and analytical skills required for the use and understanding of computer science. The curriculum is designed to allow exceptional students to excel in their area of interest. The professors strive to guide the students in the discovery and learning of new ideas, rather than just presenting carefully structured theories. Early courses are designed to appeal to a broad audience of university students, while higher-level courses are more focused. Applications are used throughout to illustrate and create new material. Most topics are developed by means of interplay between applications, problem solving and theory, allowing students to acquire more depth in those areas of computer science that interest them the most.

It is an exciting time in the Department of Computer Science. As the first department in the Webb School of Engineering, we have received the resources needed to elevate the program to new heights. The recent influx of students, faculty, and equipment has caused our program to grow from a single computer lab to an entire floor in Couch Hall, located at the Eastern end of HPU’s Innovation Corridor. Our facilities now include a Programming Lab, a Software Engineering Lab, Makerspaces, and the Cybersecurity Engineering Learning Facility (CELF), a state-of-the-art instructional space where Cybersecurity comes to life.

Dr. Will Suchan, Chair of the Department of Computer Science, is committed to providing a top-notch curriculum. Along with Mr. Roger Shore, Dr. Kim Titus, Dr. Yong Wei, and Dr. Lloyd Williams, they continuously deliver instruction, insights, and guidance to produce the next generation of ethical, broadly educated computer scientists.


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