Please fill out the facility request form completely. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Campus Concierge.

Campus Concierge

Available Forms

All events or activities hosted on campus must be reserved through Campus Concierge. Spaces are to be reserved by students, faculty, and staff only.

This form is to be completed by any current faculty, staff and student needing to request a space on campus.

Weddings – Please contact the Manager of Chapel Programs at 336-841-9132 to discuss your wedding at High Point University.

General Reminders

1. You are responsible responsible for placing work orders with campus enhancement for trash removal and or room reset. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Replacing any furniture moved to its original location
  • Removing any personal items, it will be disposed of or donated if left behind. **This includes if you have another event in the same space the following day.

2. Reservation requests must be submitted via the facility request form 7 days in advance of event date.

  • In the case of a last-minute “emergency event”(less than 7 days notice), please email/call Campus Concierge at 336-841-4636 or for special consideration.
  • Requester will be contacted within 48 hours of request.

3. Special Reservation Policies in effect during Campus-Wide Special Event Weekends.

  • Philanthropic Events/Events at Philanthropic Tables are not able to be reserved.
  • No major events can be scheduled that conflict with the Special Event’s Itinerary.

4. Full Event Details MUST be disclosed at time of event request. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • If the event will have catering.
  • If the event will have photography.
  • If the event requires a special setup (furniture layout differs from default setting).
  • If the event is hosting outside guests (requires extra parking).
  • If the event contains additional supplies outside of what is readily available in the space (examples include art supplies, cooking equipment from home, animals, flowers, etc).

Additional Resources


If your event requires catering services, please visit or call 336-841-9236 for assistance. Catering services also provide popcorn and drinks in the Extraordinaire Cinema!


Set-Up Requirements

Please submit any request for tables, chairs, etc. through Campus Enhancement. Requests for tables, chairs, etc. should be submitted at least 48 hours in advance so time can be scheduled to complete the request. There is a contact number located on the work order main page if you have any issues completing your order.


Event Break Down

If you request set-up with Campus Enhancement, please be sure to also submit a request to have your tables, chairs, etc. removed from the location at the specified time by visiting the Campus Enhancement tab located on the bottom of the main page at



If your event requires photography, video, social media announcements, website marketing, printed materials or a press release please visit The Office of Communication Website for assistance.


Outside Guests

If you are inviting multiple outside guests, please fill out this form and return it to Security in the Wanek Center. If you have fewer than 5 guests, you can register your guests in Ivisitor.

Click here for more information on advertising your event with Campus Concierge.