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Hello and welcome, Class of 2024! We are so happy to have you with us; you have made an extraordinary decision in selecting High Point University for your higher education institution. The Webb School of Engineering and the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering are looking forward to helping you grow, learn, and develop into the next generation of Engineers.

We are sure that you are anxiously awaiting the moment you will be arriving on the beautiful HPU campus, settling into your new home, and diving in to the curriculum. With all the planning that you have been doing for this moment, you may have a few questions, and we are happy to provide guidance.

The Department Chair, Dr. Claire McCullough, is available for you to contact with questions or concerns now, and in the coming months.


Below, the courses in gray are the required engineering, math, and science courses. Engineering has a very strict prerequisite structure, and it is very important that all of these courses be taken in the order given, and in the freshman year, for it to be possible to graduate in four years.

When you receive your Freshman fall schedule, confirm that you are registered for the courses in gray. If they are not on your schedule, contact your HPU success coach immediately to amend your course selections.

Math 1415 is similar to Calculus I, but with examples more geared toward engineering. If a freshman is not ready to go into this course in the fall, it will not be possible to graduate in four years. We strongly recommend taking pre-Calculus in the summer, to be able to join the cohort in Math 1415 the fall.

Four year curriculum plans are available for Computer Engineering & Electrical Engineering.

Parents of Incoming Freshman

Waving “see you later” to your student as you leave campus to return home can be an emotional (and exciting) time for you. You have molded your child into the young adult they are today; eager to learn, solve problems, and do their very best. Now is a great time to practice and review the following items:




  • Encourage students to advocate for themselves and solve their own problems
  • ¬†Encourage students to move out of their comfort zone

and, unfortunately,

  • Remember – we cannot confer with you on your student’s progress unless the student signs the FERPA release. Discuss this with your student prior to drop off day to ensure a stress free transition.


Technology for Students

Students are not required to bring a laptop computer to campus. However, if you choose to acquire an computer for personal use in your studies, be sure that it meets the specifications to run the Engineering software SolidWorks. Below are the operating standards for the software:



Operating Systems
  • SSD drives recommended for optimal performance, but not required