Honors Scholar Program

Honors Living Community

Honors Scholars form a tight-knit, supportive community in Finch Residence Hall, which is located in the heart of campus, close to the academic buildings, dining, and the library. For their first two years, honors students use Finch Hall as their “home base,” engaging in co- and extra-curricular activities such as intercultural events, group meals, project building, and study teams. The common spaces include a full kitchen, a workshop space, two collaboration rooms, and meditation room.


The Honors Living Community is located in Finch Residence Hall, and Honors students are required to live in Finch for their first two years. Completed in 1987 and renovated in 2006, Finch Hall houses 184 honors scholar students. The rooms are double and single occupancy and are arranged in suites; rooms in Finch feature a connecting bath with a walk-in shower. Each floor has a common lounge featuring study areas, plasma televisions, and comfortable furniture.

finch-residence-hallEvery room in Finch is furnished with two beds (bunkable, standard size twin), dressers, desks with chairs, along with carpeting, ceiling fans, cable TV outlets and window blinds. As in all other residence halls, Finch Hall is wireless, handicapped accessible and laundry is free to residents. Residents of Finch share an adjoining bathroom (4 students per bathroom). Finch is a substance free residence hall. More information including room dimensions, layouts, and photos are available – Finch Residence Hall.

HPU Honors Scholars also have access to a dedicated Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) in Finch Hall. The FIR is available to discuss academic and professional topics, provide research and career development support, and lead a blend of experiential, community-focused academic, social, cultural, and networking opportunities.


The High Point Admissions Office is Located in Wrenn Hall.

Tours are available 7 days a week. Please contact us to schedule your visit.

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