Sep 01st, 2022

Summer Updates to Smith Library


The Fall 2022 semester is finally upon us and librarians are wrapping up several large projects around Smith Library we think you are going to enjoy. Here’s what we did over the summer to update our library spaces.


3rd Floor Book Stacks: Core Collection Moved Upstairs

corecollectionHPU Librarians have been busy all summer shifting things around to accommodate the new OARS Testing Center on the 3rd Floor of the library (the floor with the majority of our book stacks). The new testing rooms (still under construction as of this writing) are located to your immediate left when you exit the elevator to the 3rd floor, or to the far right if you came up the main staircase. In order to make room for the new construction, librarians with the help of hired staff moved 6,000 shelves of books, a substantial shift of nearly the entire 3rd floor collection. Here’s all we did to get ready:

1. Removed the study desks in the middle of the floor and moved the “in-the-way” shelving to where the study desks were. This gave us a nice central location for the rapidly growing Core Collection, classed using Library of Congress instead of Dewey. This collection, previously located on the low shelves on the main floor by the ReaderSpace, is the future of HPU Libraries’ print collection. You can read about the long-term plan for this collection here.

2. Downsized the Bound Periodicals and weeded the 3rd floor General Collection. The general collection was long overdue for some “weeding,” which is what librarians call the deselection and discard process. We followed a strict criteria of weeding only outdated textbooks, damaged items, and duplicate copies (of which there were many). We cleared up tons more shelving by recycling many of the print Bound Periodicals which have largely moved into online databases. We of course kept those without online access and those with historical value. The Bound Periodicals are now located in the corner where the 000s and 100s used to sit.

3. Shifted the entire General Collection (Dewey) and moved the Core Collection upstairs onto the newly placed central shelving. The new map of the third floor shows how the Dewey Collection (in purple) splits to accommodate a central Core Collection (in red) which will eventually grow to fill the entire right side of the floor. Faculty publications are now located on the shelving you see when you first come up the central staircase, and the Sci-Fi/Fantasy collection moved onto the outer wall of the OARS Testing Center. You can see all these changes in the new third floor map:

Smith Library 3rd Floor Map (2022) Final

2nd Floor – New “Popular Fiction” Section

IMG 2618Moving the Core Collection upstairs left quite a bit of empty shelving on the main floor of the library, and we are in the process of converting this into a Popular Fiction collection. This collection will include novels published since 2005 from your favorite popular authors (think David Baldacci, James Patterson, Jodi Picoult and Nora Roberts) and will stay in Dewey order for the time being. Each item in this collection will have a genre sticker at the bottom of the spine to help you easily identify books you might like.


1st Floor Media Services/Film Collection Makeover: HPU Video

Meanwhile, Media & Digital Services Librarian Josh Harris was busy creating new signage for the film collection which gave the lower level some much-needed color. New signs above the different genre shelves make it easy to find your favorites or browse the extensive collection. The graphic design has an 80’s “vintage tech” feel, reminiscent of the days when you’d visit the local video store to select your entertainment.

On display are library staff favorites.

White Modern Elegant Kitchen Photo Collage

We hope you enjoy these changes to Smith Library. As always, if you have any questions or need help locating an item in the library, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a librarian.

-Blog post by Leanne Jernigan, Technical Services Librarian

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