Oct 27th, 2022

Ghosts in our Backyard: Spirits and Specters of the North Carolina Triad

A crisp chill fills the air. The sunlight begins to fade. You’re sitting at home scrolling on your phone when, suddenly, you hear a strange creaking coming from upstairs. Your breath catches in your chest as the hairs on the back of your neck begin to stand. You think to yourself, no one is home except for me, right? As master of horror John Carpenter once said, “Most small towns have some kind of haunted house story, at least that’s what the teenagers believe. There’s always a house down the lane that, someone was killed in or, someone went crazy in”(Halloween Network, 2016). The cities and towns found in the Triad region of North Carolina are no exception. On the contrary, the Triad hosts a plethora of stories and legends that are guaranteed to make your blood run cold. HPU Libraries takes great delight in sharing the many stories of those who lived and died here, as well as the stories of the those who still roam here after death. Don’t believe me? What now follows is a selection of these stories offered by the library, stories of the many ghosts and spirits that still call the Triad home.

Triad Hauntings


(Amazon, n.d.)

The first volume in this discussion, entitled “Triad Hauntings,” offers a variety of ghost stories from several communities across the Triad. The stories written in this book come to us from Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Hight Point, NC. In this book you will find tales of rabid ghosts, furniture ghosts, ghostly barbers, ghosts trying to get home, and, if you really want a ghost story close to home, a ghost story that is almost synonymous with Jamestown, NC, just a stone’s throw away from High Point. This tale is known to many of the locals as the tale of Lydia and her bridge.


Haunted Winston-Salem


(HPU Libraries, 2022)

Some of the scariest ghost stories we hear often begin with the words, “not too far from here.” This case is no exception. Winston-Salem’s history is drenched with occurrences of the strange and the supernatural. This book shares many of these chilling and strange tales, tales that include witches, strange tobacco wagons, the Salem cemetery, and a tale of an experience so terrifying that locals link it directly to the devil himself.


Looking for Lydia


(HPU Libraries, 2022)

Are you interested in more information about Lydia, the Jamestown ghost just trying to make her way home on a rainy night? Join Michael Renegar and Amy Greer as they share their experiences from over three decades of searching for the truth about one of the Triad’s most famous ghosts. In this book you will hear accounts of first-hand experiences of Lydia, the chilling description of what the ghost of Lydia looks like, and you will hear other ghostly tales from the small town of Jamestown, including the tale of a ghostly redhead described as “the other Lydia” (Renegar & Greer, 2018). Still questioning if Lydia exists? Don’t take our word for it. Check out this book and see for yourself. If you need more proof, Lydia’s bridge is located only 10 minutes from HPU.


Ghosts of Old Salem North Carolina


(HPU Libraries, 2022)

Our final collection of stories brings us back to the quaint region of Winston-Salem. About 30 minutes’ drive from HPU lies the quaint Old Salem district of Winston-Salem, NC. While this district offers visitors picturesque views and a taste of how life was lived long ago, Old Salem also offers visitors a chance to encounter those who have long since died but have yet to leave.  Readers of this book will discover chilling stories of these specters of the past in places such as Salem Tavern, Salem College and Salem Cemetery. These stories include an account of a haunted painting that is said to bring misfortune to those who do not acknowledge it, the tragic story of a young woman pushed too far by the pressures of college life, and the story of a cold spot left behind by a young boy who met his tragic end on a cold winter’s day.

These are but a small sample of the legends and stories that await you in the quiet stacks of HPU Libraries. Have we piqued your interest? Come by and checkout any of these stories and more. Just remember, it’s only a story….

-Blog post by Bryan Nicholls, Evening Reference Librarian



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