Nov 29th, 2022

Hangin’ In There: Self-Care for College Students

Finals season is just around the corner and, chances are, you may find yourself just a little bit stressed at the thought of upcoming exams. Fortunately, the simple act of reading can calm your mind and improve your focus, and HPU Libraries have many books that will offer some tips on how to take care of yourself during this most stressful time of the year.

First year student to first year success: 21 things you need to know when starting college

Self Care for College Students

This book is a great read for anyone looking for tips to succeed in college, no matter where you are in your college career. While this book is primarily addressing the first-year college student, the tips in this book can be helpful for any college student. This book offers self-care tips for college students such as having a cup of tea, taking a nap or shower, playing 30 minutes of video games, taking a walk, and more (Krieglstein et al., 2016.) Interested in learning more? Stop by the library to check this one out (no pun intended).


New choices in natural healing: Over 1,800 of the best self-help remedies from the world of alternative medicine


A big part of self-care includes taking care of both your body and your mind. HPU librarians are by no means medical professionals, but we know what makes us feel calm or more refreshed every day. Self-care looks different for each person; for some, that might mean taking a relaxing walk or having a nice cup of herbal tea in the evening before bed. There are many ways in which you can feed both your body and your mind, and this book is a great resource for those interested in learning strategies for doing just that. This book covers aromatherapy, food therapy, meditation, yoga, and more (Gottlieb & Dollemore, 1995).

Success through stillness: Meditation made simple

Picture2Meditation is often cited as one of the most popular ways in which an individual can relax and take time to focus on themselves to relieve stress. The author of this book talks about how his method of meditation has influenced his life and his career for the better (OCLC, 2022.) The author wants the reader to know that there is not a wrong way to meditate because everyone can have their own different ways of meditating successfully. The author uses this book to help guide readers to a healthier body and mind, and shares what he has learned from meditation masters during his life (OCLC, 2022). Anyone interested in how meditation can affect one’s life in positive ways should check this one out.

The 5-ingredient college cookbook: Easy, healthy recipes for the next four years and beyond

51 sJ2mdrpL. AC SY780 Sometimes, something as simple as making time to sit down and have a nice meal can make all the difference in the world when it comes to taking care of yourself. This book offers recipes for tasty and healthy meals that you can make in your dorm room! Everything from breakfast to smaller snacks is covered in this book and the author includes something for just about every diet. Healthy, decadent meals do not have to include a slew of difficult-to-use ingredients and this book will show you how to make a delicious meal from almost nothing.

These books, along with many others about self-care, are just waiting for you down here at the library. College should not be a stressful time in your life and these books can help you lower your shoulders a little bit and worry just a little bit less. For more information on these or other books, just call, email, or chat with a librarian today. Best of luck to you all!

-Blog post by Bryan Nicholls, Evening Reference Librarian.



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