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Apr 26th, 2023

HPU Libraries: There’s More to the Story

One of the most beautiful things about a library is that it’s full of stories. Each book that lines the shelves builds worlds, characters, history, adventures, and every human emotion we could possibly name. A library is a land of stories, just waiting for readers to pick them up and explore. But stories are more than just the fantasies or histories relegated to the page. Stories live in libraries in other ways as well, especially in such meticulously decorated spaces as our High Point University libraries.


Each painting and artifact have a story to tell.


Our display cases highlight the story of our own university, of donated collections curated by lovers of an author, or genre, or just by beautifully bound texts.


A soft couch and a rolling desk chair will tell us very different tales, one of relaxed readers melted into the cushions pushing the world away in the pages of a book, the other of tense test-takers or last-minute essay writers.


The makerspace on the first floor of Smith would love to tell you about the creators and gamers and puzzlers who spend time sewing, building, and escaping reality within its walls.

Every piece of furniture, every room, every shelf, and every nook and cranny of our libraries have at least one story to tell.


Each staff member brings their story into HPU Libraries and adds to the story we tell.

They create the posters, shelve the books, host the programs, teach the lessons, curate the collections, build the libguides, and provide the equipment that make student’s and faculty’s lives easier. They are available to be a part of a student’s story at midnight when they message about citations or a professor’s story when they send an inquiry about resources for their class. Our story and our library’s story continues to be written day by day by those who use our spaces and take advantage of our resources.

The stories created in and supported by HPU Libraries continue on past graduation and into the chosen professions of our students. I posted a picture of campus from a 3rd floor window in December to my social media. I loved looking out on my rounds and seeing the beautiful Christmas decorations and just wanted everyone to admire the view. A friend commented “I miss looking out those windows! I read many a chapter and wrote many an essay from the third floor of Smith.” She is now a successful educator. While her professional journey may have started here, and in Smith Library’s third floor with the beautiful view, it continued on into the lives of children, threading itself into the fabric of her classroom. The stories of our HPU Libraries don’t remain untouched within our walls. They are creating a tapestry that shows the world the power of a library and its resources, the beauty of making sure no need goes unmet, and the strength of a community.

There’s more to the story of every library. How have the HPU Libraries been part of YOUR story? Share here!

-Blog post by Faith Huff, Weekend Library Supervisor

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