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My Library Account allows you to:

  • Review your library account
  • Renew materials that are not currently overdue
  • Put an item on hold for later pickup at Smith, Wanek or the School of Education Library

To log into your account:

  • Go to My Library Account. This link is also found in the top corner of the catalog search page in a box called Sign In.
  • Click on the “HPU Students, Faculty and, Staff” button. Enter your HPU email/Blackboard username (without “”) and password.
  • You will be logged in and can manage your account.

Library Account Page Guide

Items checked out to this account:

This is a list of items that are checked out by you.

To Renew an Item:

1. Click in the box next to the item to be renewed.
2. Click the Renew Items button. The library will automatically update the item with the new due date.
3. You can only renew an item that is not overdue.

My ILL Requests:

Here you can see the items that you have requested via Interlibrary Loan. You can see article downloads or books that you have borrowed from other libraries.

Place a hold:

Simply search the library catalog and find a book or DVD that HPU owns and you want to borrow. Click on the Place Hold button and login to your account. Indicate where you want to pick it up. You will get an email when it is ready.

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