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HPU Nursing Upper Division Admission Requirements
HPU Nursing Upper Division Admission Requirements
Admission to High Point University as a Pre-Nursing student does not guarantee admission to the Nursing Program.

The final deadline for application to the Nursing Program (Nursing Upper Division) is March 15, 2023.
Academic Requirements
First Steps to Extraordinary
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Admission to High Point University is required for Nursing program admission

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Successful completion of the University’s required General Education (GenEd) core and Nursing pre-requisites

  • A letter grade of “C”or abovefor all GenEds and Nursing pre-requisites
    • (“C-“letter grade is not acceptable)
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Minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 grading scale

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Official transcripts of all college level course work outside of the University

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Science courses must have been completed within the past ten (10) years

Want to Know Exactly What Classes You Need?
Check out the nursing curriculum at HPU.

ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS Version 6 or 7) results at or above the 60th percentile

  • TEAS exam registration link
  • The exam score must be current (obtained within the year of application)
  • A maximum of 3 attempts within the submission year is allowed
  • A minimum of 2 weeks should occur prior to exam retakes
  • Official results must be sent electronically to the University directly from ATI and is the only acceptable format
  • Personal Video Presentation
    • Submission of a three-to-five (3–5) minute video describing three (3) essential qualities that distinguishes applicant as a future nurse leader (A link is included within the application process)
  • References supporting applicant’s admission to the Nursing program (one for each category)
    • Personal
    • Academic
    • Healthcare professional
  • **Current CPR certification (American Heart Association)
  • **Criminal background
  • **Negative drug screen
  • **Physical/Health Form

**These requirements are for those who receive official notice of admission to Nursing Upper Division. Specifics regarding these requirements will be provided for those who qualify.

The Physical/Health Form is a requirement for those who have received official notice of admission to Nursing Upper Division.

  • Submission of complete physical exam (not older than one year) via the designated form

Complete Health Form

  • Ability to meet the physical, mental, and social performance standards and essential functions necessary to pursue and complete a rigorous nursing curriculum
  • The ability to maintain the physical, mental, and social requirements throughout the program
  • Submission of official and completed immunization/vaccination records
  • Records must meet North Carolina regulatory and clinical agency requirements (see below)
    • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
    • Varicella Vaccination (Chicken Pox) or serum titer
    • Hepatitis B Vaccination (Hep-B Series)
    • Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (TDaP; within 10-year timeframe)
    • Annual Influenza Vaccination
    • Tuberculosis (TB) Screening
    • Other agency specific requirements (i.e., COVID-19 vaccine, etc.)
In an effort to provide safe and quality care to diverse persons, populations, and communities at variable agencies, students admitted into the Nursing major are required to have identifiable core functional abilities. These abilities are essential to professional nursing practice and must be in place despite any personal limitation. Examples of these abilities are listed here. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list.


Assessment is the first component of the nursing process and is a critical ability associated with professional nursing practice. Assessment includes but is not limited to the functional ability to detect or observe changes in a person’s condition and involves visual, auditory, and physical actions along with the sense of smell in certain instances, all at variable distances.


The ability to speak, listen (auditory), read, and write to obtain and share information in variable forms from variable sources including the use of technology is essential to effective communication. Communication is a vital component of professional nursing practice as it involves responding to time-sensitive information and describing related changes and patients, families, and variable members of the health care team. Respectfully engaging with diverse individuals and vulnerable populations from variable ethnic backgrounds is also essential.


Physical assessment is a critical motor-related function for professional nursing practice and includes the ability to auscultate (auditory), palpate, percuss (touch) and appropriately respond to emergent situations based on sensory-related observations. The ability to position, reposition, and manipulate equipment necessary to support care or sustain life is also a related requirement.

Cognitive –Intellectual -Psychomotor:

The ability to read and interpret information using critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills in order to make sound clinical judgement is an essential component of professional nursing practice. Accurate prioritization, interpretation, measurement, calculation, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of sensitive and confidential information are also key in terms of enhancing patient outcomes. A focused attention span with the ability to combine these abilities while collaborating with variable members of the health care team during peak times of other actives is required.


The ability and willingness to adhere to the University Code of Conduct, the University Honor Code, the Department of Nursing Professional Guidelines (dress code included), and those that are mandated by the respective clinical agency is required. The ability to function effectively with emotional control in a fluid environment under stressful conditions with others on the health care team without bias is a must. Maintaining professional communication and established boundaries with staff, faculty, patients, and peers is also required. This includes addressing all using the appropriate titles i.e., Professor, Dr., Mr., Mrs., etc. as indicated by the respective person unless otherwise directed.

Fall 2023 Upper Division
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