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Dear HPU Friend:

As you know by now, High Point University has differentiated itself over the last decade with academic relevance and with deserved merit. Some refer to the transformation as the “Miracle on Montlieu Avenue!”

It’s true. The growth has been amazing — especially in the midst of the worst economic disruption in the last 50 years of America’s history. Stellar educators with accomplished credentials are attracted to this academy in large numbers each year. Students come to campus with a desire to learn and grow. Alumni are getting involved with renewed enthusiasm. Parents have become our best advocates. College counselors recommend HPU with spirited credibility. And our “philanthropic investors” are energized by the profound growth of the institution, and they generously resource it with a continuing reservoir of gifts.

The numbers tell the story:

Full-time Faculty108330206%
Campus Size (acres)91500450%
Square Footage650,0004.5 million592%
Buildings on Campus (new and acquired)22206836%
Total Positions3851,765359%
Economic Impact$160.3 million$795 million396%
Operating and Capital Budget$38 million$300 million690%
United Way Giving$28,000 $251,700799%
Study Abroad Programs5651,200%

What lies behind these impressive statistics is a university fully dedicated to continually enhance its academic programs and ensure that every student receives an extraordinary education in an inspiring environment with caring people. We are focused on holistic education, experiential learning, and values-based living. We owe respect and appreciation to our family of faculty and staff who deliver on this promise every day.

HPU students are benefiting from a completely revamped core curriculum that allows more educational choices and schedule flexibility. With the creation of new schools, majors, and courses, students have a remarkable array of learning opportunities to prepare them for productive careers. The new schools include: School of Art and Design, Nido R. Qubein School of Communication, Congdon School of Health Sciences, and Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy.

New majors include: Neuroscience, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Documentary Media.

Armed with over $300 million in gifts and pledges since 2005, including 10 gifts of $10 million and more, the university built new facilities to accommodate residential students (92% of students live on campus), new athletic buildings and fields to support 16 NCAA Division 1 sports (including the recently added women’s and men’s lacrosse), and expanded campus from 92 to 430 acres. Our future is bright indeed. We are blessed — and we are deeply grateful.

As you read through this website you’ll be impressed with the dynamic energy ever-present on the campus of High Point University. You’ll read about faculty achievements, student engagement, alumni accomplishments, and a whole host of academic and facility improvements. You’ll discover a center of learning that frames liberal arts education with practical application for real-life demands. We work wholeheartedly to prepare our students for the ever-changing, highly competitive, global village in which they must excel.


Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement, and your continued support.


Nido R. Qubein

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