Research Opportunities

The faculty of the Psychology Department at High Point University is actively engaged in research in their fields. Students can gain valuable experience working one-on-one with a faculty member. Experiences may include literature review, development of materials and procedures, data collection, entry, and analysis, and presentation. Many students have presented their work at regional and national conferences. Students who register for PSY 4110 may conduct research with individual faculty members for 1 to 4 hours of credit per semester. Arrangements must be made with an individual faculty member before registering.

Why do research in psychology?

Research is a critical component of psychology.  Psychology relies on empirical research to explain human behavior, emotion, and thought. Research experience is an invaluable part of a psychology major’s education.

Many of the skills employers find particularly important can be further developed by engaging in research. For example, critical thinking, written and oral communication, critical thinking and problem solving, working with others, and computer and data analysis skills are all useful when considering careers in psychology, business, education, and government. Students interested in graduate school in psychology are strongly encouraged to participate in undergraduate research.

How do I set up a research experience?

Identify your research interests and find a faculty mentor. Talk to your professors about their research.  Faculty interests can be found on their individual webpages.


Internship Opportunities

A number of our students elect to complete an internship while at High Point University. These experiences provide students with the opportunity to obtain valuable job-relevant experience. In recent years, HPU psychology majors have completed internships in a wide variety of settings where psychological knowledge is applied every day.

  • Our students have used behavioral modification techniques to help autistic children function more effectively in their daily lives.
  • They have employed their research and data analysis skills at Bowman Gray School of Medicine to study the factors that help cancer patients cope with their illness.
  • They have worked at the Center for Creative Leadership, an internationally recognized leadership development and research organization.
  • They have worked at the FBI headquarters constructing profiles that will help law enforcement agencies distinguish real and fake threat letters.
  • They have worked for a Certified Forensic Psychologist, learning about a psychologist’s role in the justice system.
  •  They have worked with gerontologists and social workers providing services to patients with advanced forms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • They have worked at various school systems in High Point and the surrounding cities.
  • They have worked at the High Point Police department, and the Piedmont Correctional Institution.

How do I set up an internship?

Talk with your faculty advisor and the Psychology Internship Coordinator, Dr. Chris Lootens. You will also need to work with the Office of Career & Internship Services.


Activities and Groups

Students are also invited to join Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in psychology. The Society publishes a quarterly magazine, Eye on Psi Chi, which helps to unite the members as well as to inform and recognize their contributions and accomplishments. Psi Chi also publishes the Psi Chi Journal of Undergraduate Research, a national, fully-reviewed, quarterly journal dedicated to the publication of undergraduate student research.

The High Point chapter of Psi Chi, along with the department, sponsors a number of events. Many events are focused on academic issues such as the three-part graduate school workshop series which provides information for students on finding and applying to graduate programs in psychology and related fields. There are also events that promote getting connected with psychology students and faculty, such as psychology-themed movie nights in the Extraordinaire Theater.

Psi Chi and the department also sponsor an annual group trip to a national conference in psychology. Students and faculty attend the conference and many present original research.