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Group Exercise
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Molly Packard
Fitness Programs Supervisor

Classes: Dance Fitness and Butts & Guts

Fitness Philosophy:


Connie Quagliata
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Dance Fitness

Fitness Philosophy: Do what you enjoy. As long as you feel good and you’re having fun, that is what is most important.

Alison Carroll
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Rhythm Ride, Hip Hop Cardio, Pilates, Barre, Core and Cardio

Fitness Philosophy: “Your body can withstand nearly anything, it’s the mind you have to convince.” You should workout to feel great and feel accomplished, and only ever workout for you 🙂

Pally Borrello
200 Hour RYT

Classes: Yoga Flow, Yoga Relax

Fitness Philosophy: Teaching yoga is a practice as well as a discipline and it allows me to be a guide to help students connect with their breath and body. The reason why I started teaching yoga is not only because I enjoy the practice, but because I want to be a service to others and make a difference. One of the most rewarding things to see while teaching is witnessing the student’s experience and seeing their elevated states of awareness and connection throughout their practice. Teaching yoga allows me to not only transform people’s lives, but also my own.

Madison M
Madison Mendyk
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Surfset, HIIT, Total Body Tone

Fitness Philosophy:

Lisa Motosicke
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Dance Fitness, Yoga Flow

Fitness Philosophy: As a Group X Instructor, I wish to express my passion for physical and mental well-being, as well as my love for working with others . I strive for my classes to be a fun, safe, accommodating, and judgement-free zone, where strangers become friendly supporters to one another. I hope my enthusiasm inspires my participants to leave class happier than when they entered.

Heather Simmons
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Zumba, Jump Fitness, Aqua Jump, Hip Hop Cardio, Dance Fitness

Fitness Philosophy: Everyone progresses through their fitness journey at a different pace and it looks different for everyone, that is okay! Fitness is about having fun and making your body feel great!

Madison B (2)
Madison Bartuch
200 Hour RYT

Classes: Yoga Sculpt, Yoga Flow, Ride & Relax, Ride

Fitness Philosophy:

Miranda Della Vecchio
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Ride

Fitness Philosophy: “If it does not challenge you, it does not change you.” My goal is to help others challenge themselves to be and feel their best while having fun doing it!  (:

Rossi Long
GroupX Instrcutor

Classes: Ride, Total Body Tone, Ride & Tone

Fitness Philosophy: Discipline over motivation

Olivia Fonville
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Dance Fitness, Ride

Fitness Philosophy:

Elizabeth Ring
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Rhythm Ride

Fitness Philosophy:

Cayden Brixius
GroupX Instructor

Classes: Rhythm Ride

Fitness Philosophy:

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