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Visitor Registration:

Students are required to notify Security of any guests.
Students can register all guests here.

Each student is allowed one (1) guest. The only exception to this rule is family guests. A student can have more than one family member guest on campus. The family members must be registered and only one family member can be considered an overnight guest of the resident’s room. All guests must be registered through the campus security ivisitor system. Unregistered guests will be asked to leave campus.

Visitor Parking:

Visitors parking on campus between 6 AM and 8 PM are not required to have parking permits. Visitors must park in “visitor” parking spaces or any other unmarked spaces or lots.

Overnight guests parking on campus need to display a Visitor parking permit. Permits can be picked up from any Welcome Center or at either of the two Security locations (North College Administration or R.G. Wanek Center).

Temporary Permits:

The Security Department may issue temporary parking permits to anyone on a discretionary basis. Parking regulations still apply to vehicles that have the temporary permits.

Temporary permits need to be picked up from the North College Administration building or R.G. Wanek Center.