The sociology program requires all students completing a senior research project to participate in Senior Symposium held in April. The purpose of the symposium is to provide a professional conference experience for students.

The Sociology Club offer students the opportunity to contemplate sociological ideas outside the classroom. It is also a place for students to network and have information about graduate schools, professional conferences, job opportunities, and mentoring relationships with colleagues and professors.

For students meeting the requirements, Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology honor society, sponsors student travel to regional meetings in support of those who want to present their own work and learn from the scholarly presentations of others. The Society sponsors annual student paper contests, presenting awards which include monetary prizes, travel support, and scholarships.

For sociology majors, getting a job that allows you the opportunity to utilize the various skills and competencies acquired through four years of study requires careful planning and preparation. Internships are a great way to acquire the type of “hands-on” experience that many employers demand. Over 150 non-profit agencies serving the High Point area offer internships for sociology majors. Collaborative research opportunities with faculty and students also exist.