ART Class Statistics: Job Placement and Acceptance to Graduate School

The chart below reveals information about each graduating class. The class is evaluated at the end of the calendar year in which they graduated. Students who graduated with more than one major and pursued the major that was outside of Studio Art are not considered in these calculations. (Numbers are rounded to the nearest whole or half percent.)


Date of Graduation
(May and August)
# of Graduates# of Responses# pursuing employment or graduate school# employed or in internships / number who sought employment# who applied to graduate school / attending graduate school
(80% knowledge rate)
(100% of respondents)
3/3 = 100%
(75% of respondents)
1/1 = 100%
(25% of respondents)
(66% knowledge rate)
(100% of respondents)
2/2 = 100%
(100% of respondents)
0/0 = 0%
(0% of respondents)
(100% knowledge rate)
(100% of respondents)
2/2 = 100%
(67% of respondents)
1/1 = 100%
(33% of respondents)
(100% knowledge rate)
(83% of respondents)
4/5 = 80%
(67% of respondents)
1/1 = 100%
(17% of respondents)



Students have interned both formally and informally up and down the east coast. Below is a sampling.

Artistic Apparel Company – High Point, NC
Fox Business Network – New York, NY
Hartford Magazine – Hartford, CT
Longyear Museum – Chestnut Hill, MA
Matthews Mobile Media – Greensboro, NC
Shetland and Company – Essex, MA

Places of Employment

Below is a sampling of companies that have hired our graduates over the last two years.

Artistica Photography – San Diego, CA
Artists Creating Together – Grand Rapids, MI
Next Step Commerce – Washington, DC
Stroh Creative – Newark, OH

Recent Awards

Seven HPU students were accepted into the “2016 Photo Biennial” at Center for Visual Arts in Greensboro, NC.

Most of the biennial is a statewide competition for college students. It was established in 2004 by friends of Arnold Doren who taught photography at UNCG for 25 years.

The show will be displayed from Sept 2 to Nov 11, 2016
Center for Visual Arts is located at 200 N. Davie Street in Greensboro.

Juror – Pam Crist, Greensboro photographer and owner of Dalmatian Lab (B&W processing).
Curator – Kristy Thomas.

Taylor Thompson – “The True Meaning of Heartbreak” (honorable mention)
Kacy Lee – “Choreographer on Break”
Bridget Toolan – “Winter Tree”
Jayne Depontes – “After the Rain”
Mitchell Oberchuck – “In My Head”
Amanda Rossi – “Through the Fog”
Taylor Finke – “Savannah Dreamscape”