The High Point University Research Rookies Program works to incorporate students into the university’s culture of research and creative work, early in their undergraduate careers. The program is designed to create a community of undergraduate scholars and help build research-related skills to prepare students for faculty collaborative projects that makes an original contribution to one’s field. Getting involved in research or creative works in college helps students build unique credentials to distinguish themselves from among the 2 million other students they will graduate among and compete with for jobs or entrance into graduate and professional schools!

Completing the Program

Freshmen and first semester sophomores who wish to participate in the Research Rookies Program have two consecutive semesters (not including summer) to complete a series of 15 activities and one mini-research experience. The activities include completing online assignments, participating in workshops, and attending  discussions. Some activities are required for all members of the program and the remaining ones can be selected from a set of options. These activities are all designed to help students build skills in all facets of the scholarly process. These include: Getting Started, The Importance of Research, Research Ethics, Methods and Design, Understanding Data and Analyses, Writing Research, Presenting Research, and Exploring Research Opportunities.


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Students who complete the Research Rookies Program will get a certificate elevating them to the status of Research Apprentice and will receive a medallion that can be worn at graduation. Research Apprentices will then be introduced to the faculty.

How to Get Involved

Freshmen and first semester sophomores who wish to apply to the Research Rookies Program should contact Dr. Joanne Altman, Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Works:

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