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Faculty Mentor:

Credit hours: 1-4 hours

Project Information

Insert description as proposed by student and faculty mentor


Insert discipline-specific prerequisites here

Individual departments will determine how many credit hours may be applied toward the major requirements.

Program Description and Goals:

Undergraduate research and creative works is an inquiry, investigation, or creation produced by an undergraduate student that makes an original contribution to the discipline and reaches beyond the traditional curriculum. Undergraduate research and creative works is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop and practice advanced discipline-specific projects in collaboration with faculty members.

A student electing to enroll in an Undergraduate Research and Creative Works course must contract with a faculty member to work on an existing research project or to develop a new project, and a specific list of responsibilities must be developed prior to approval. Credit is variable, and depends on the quantity and depth of work.

Learning Objectives:

(Departments should select and/or develop discipline-relevant learning objectives) May include:

  • develop and implement an advanced original research or creative project
  • develop the ability to explain the conceptual viability of the project and describe the major components involved.
  • develop the ability to explain how the project will impact the relevant body of work.
  • develop an understanding of and an ability to explain the ethical and/or legal implications of the project.
  • learn to understand and critically evaluate theories, practices, and/or research on a chosen topic by conducting a thorough literature review and submitting a written integrative, critical summary of the current literature.
  • develop advanced discipline-relevant skills and competencies including
  • the ability to perform searches for relevant information.
  • a comprehensive understanding of knowledge of standards and use of materials (taking into account the social and professional contexts of the discipline).
  • develop a working familiarity with discipline-relevant technology and other discipline-based tools of the trade.
  • develop clear and effective written and oral communication skills as demonstrated by
  • the completion of a research or creative project proposal.
  • the completion of a final URCW research report.
  • presentation, performance, or display of the URCW project for public review.

Course Requirements

Time Requirement:

The following guidelines for student time invested should be used:

credit hour – approximately 3-5 hours of work per week
credit hours – approximately 6-8 hours of work per week
credit hours – approximately 9-11 hours of work per week
credit hours – approximately 12-15 hours of work per week


Specific assignments are to be determined by the faculty supervisor and student, commensurate with credit hours. In addition, completion dates will be determined for each assignment. Specific assignments may include, but are not limited to:

Weekly Meetings

The student is required to meet with the instructor a minimum of 1/2 hour per week per registered credit hour throughout the semester.

  • Required Readings
  • Literature Review
  • Rehearsals
  • Creative Design and Production
  • Data Collection
  • Data Entry and Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Empirical Research Report
  • Qualitative Research Report
  • Rhetorical Analysis
  • Textual Analysis
  • Audience Reception Analysis
  • Cultural Studies
  • Case Studies
  • Ethnography
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentation of Project Results (Required for 4 credit hour projects)


Students will be assigned a letter grade for URCW courses based on departmental guidelines.