Cottrell Hall – Home of the Flanagan Center for Student Success

Students are inspired, in part, by the environment in which they work to dream big and strive for greatness.

High Point University has applied that principle to Cottrell Hall, home to the Flanagan Center for Student Success.

Cottrell Hall opened this fall after being completely funded by gifts from parents of HPU students. Inside, the university has expanded experiential learning opportunities while also bringing them together under one roof. From Career and Professional Development, to Internship Resources, to an Entrepreneurship Center, students develop the ability to connect the dots between the experiences amassed during their time at HPU.

Collaboration is fostered in the glass walls featured throughout. An international theme is embedded in the design with a globe in the form of a chandelier, an airport concourse that serves as study space, and all the offices and support staff that are placed intentionally here to guide students to compete on a global platform.

View the slideshow below to learn more about Cottrell Hall and all it offers.

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