6 Things You Should Know About the HPU Campus

Feb 07th, 2017

6 Things You Should Know About the HPU Campus


Over the past decade, High Point University has attracted the attention of people worldwide. In addition to academic milestones, part of what puts HPU on the map is its inspiring environment – so much so that HPU’s campus was named one of the top five in the nation. But it goes beyond the brick architecture and greenery. Here are six things you should know about the HPU campus:


welcome garden1. Everything has a purpose

From the 28 botanical gardens with 3,700 taxa of plants, inspirational quotes and historic sculptures lining the Promenade, every aspect of HPU’s campus was intentionally and strategically designed to immerse students in an environment that surrounds them with learning opportunities. The HPU experience compels students to learn, grow and create value. Because people rise to the level of environment in which they live, students are consistently surrounded by excellence.



2015 map of campus2. It’s tripled in size

In 2005, HPU President Nido Qubein announced a plan to transform HPU. Since then, HPU has grown immensely and invested more than $1.6 billion in academics, facilities, student life, technology and scholarships. The original 92-acre campus has grown to 430 — with 90 new or recently renovated academic, residential and student-life buildings, two new athletic stadiums and a field house. And the best is yet to come.



School of Art and Design3. It features some amazing learning spaces

The investment in university facilities since 2005 is evident across campus. Communication majors broadcast live shows in the full-sized TV studio. Game design students create new worlds with virtual reality technology. Sales majors practice their pitching in sales labs that mimic real-world settings. Health sciences students conduct research in a temporary building that rivals most permanent spaces at other universities. In Cottrell Hall, glass walls and open study spaces prepare students for Silicon Valley-style work environments. There’s a live stock ticker in the School of Commerce, a mobile biology lab that brings science to children, LEGO classrooms that train thousands of teachers and more.



The cast of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” poses following their performance.4. It buzzes with activity

Outside of class, there’s always something to do on the HPU campus. There are film screenings, guest speakers, athletic games, volunteer opportunities, religious life events, recreation areas, club meetings, concerts, theater performances, Greek Life philanthropy efforts and more. The result is an engaging environment in which students get involved, build relationships, discover their passions and strive to reach their potential.



Faculty Mentorship - Larry Quinn5. It’s home to caring people

In addition to an inspiring environment, the HPU campus is filled with caring people. Faculty serve as mentors and advisors, staff members provide support, and students demonstrate values like joy, generosity and service. As a testament to HPU’s dedication to service, students, faculty and staff contribute more than 100,000 hours of community service each year. Those hours translate into an impact of $2,179,000 in the community, according to the United Way’s calculations.



HPU students Erien Campbell (left) and Chris Ramsell do landscaping at West End Ministries during last year's Day of Service. 6. It is “High Point’s University”

HPU is committed to the city it calls home – a city with rich culture, a thriving furniture industry, and promising revitalization efforts. The university continually partners with High Point on community service projects, experiential learning opportunities, business endeavors and more. These efforts underscore HPU’s commitment to the community and demonstrate a desire for local engagement.