Class of 2019 Outcomes: Paxton Taylor Opens Her Own Graphic Design Firm

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With commencement just around the corner, recent High Point University graduates are already preparing to commence prestigious career paths around the world at Fortune 500 companies, international service programs, public school systems, top-tier law, medical and graduate school programs, and many other esteemed organizations thanks to their journey at HPU. Here’s a glimpse of one extraordinary senior from the Class of 2019:

Name: Paxton Taylor

Hometown: Thomasville, North Carolina

Major: Graphic Design with a minor in studio art

Post-graduation plans: Taylor will be opening her own graphic design business, PAX STUDIO, in her hometown of Thomasville, North Carolina. She will be specializing in logo, brand design and digital and print design.

How HPU helped you get there: “HPU has prepared me with the guidance and mentors I needed to feel confident for my future, I feel ready to take on post-grad life.”

Most impactful mentor at HPU: “I have had four mentors that have helped me to get where I am today. Professor Janis Dougherty has been a colorful individual that has inspired me to shoot for the stars and to make a mess on my way there. She taught to embrace my quirks and to be as colorful, bright and funky as possible. Professor Carrie Dyer, even though she is new to HPU, she has made such an impact on my life. She taught me how to stay humble, embrace the excitement of being a designer, respect new outlooks and opinions and to love the little things. Professor Scott Raynor has made such an impact on me in numerous ways. Whether in class, on one of our trips to exploring Washington D.C, New York City, or Disneyland, he made it exciting, informative and completely unique. He reminded me to get my head out of my computer and enjoy the world around me. Lastly, Professor Allan Beaver, a true legend who unfortunately passed away recently. He was such an inspiration to me through his kind words and never-ending support. He had a passion for design and made me aspire to live like him every day. I am truly thankful for the opportunities and time he gave to me.”

Most impactful moment at HPU: “There have been so many impactful moments during my time here at HPU, but I have to thank the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Student Group here on campus for making moments that will last me a lifetime. I was able to be president of AIGA for two years and had the honor and opportunity to bring two well-established graphic designers to campus, Aaron Draplin and Bob Gill. I also had the privilege to establish an annual week-long event for the club, Design Week, where we partnered up with local businesses, performed workshops and held sticker sales. I hope to see the club grow and thrive, along with the School of Art and Design.”

Advice for underclassmen: “Something I have always lived by is a quote by Abraham Lincoln, ‘The best way to predict your future is to create it.’ I find that YOU must put forth the effort and take chances to chase your dream. I’m proud to say that I am creating my future, and I’m not afraid of what it holds. Learn how to take criticism, it’s a key to any career. It’s hard to do, but it’s what makes you grow as a person and to help you understand that not everything will be perfect.”

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