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Many of the dance classes offered by the Department of Theatre and Dance are open to all students at High Point University. As such, we recognize that not everyone will already own professional dancewear such as leotards or tights.

We ask that students enrolled in technique or studio classes wear form fitting attire such as fitted jazz pants, capris or leggings and fitted tanks or tees that cover the midriff completely. Please wear the hair pulled back. Of course, students are welcome to wear leotards and tights if so desired.

Genre specific shoes (ballet shoes for ballet class, jazz shoes for jazz class, tap shoes for tap class) are required for all levels of technique or studio courses. In the Triad area, there are several dancewear businesses within a 30 minute drive of the High Point University campus.

Alternatively, you can order online, preferably prior to the first class. If you have questions about attire for a specific course, please email Lindsey Howie at