I often find myself thinking about how each of my HPU faculty mentors would approach a situation that I’ve been in. Years after graduation my mentors are on my mind in professional situations – musically, technically, acting, directing – and they have left a profound and irreplaceable imprint on my career and life.

– Justin Beard, ’14

Doug Brown DSC6296
Doug Brown
Chair and Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance
+1 (336) 841-4525
Jay Putnam Theater
Jay Putnam
Associate Professor of Theater
+1 (336) 841-9012
Caitlyn Baldwin DSC6069
Caitlyn Baldwin
Visiting Assistant Professor of Scenic and Lighting Design
+1 (336) 841-2976
Bailey Powell DSC5651
Bailey Powell
Visiting Assistant Professor of Costume Design
+1 (336) 841-9525
Lindsey Howie Dance
Lindsey Howie
Assistant Professor of Dance
+1 (336) 841-9439
Jesse Galas   HPU Website pic 2
Jesse Galas
Assistant Professor, Musical Theater
Nicholas Rodgers
Nicholas Rodgers
Hayworth Fine Arts Center Facility Manager, Production Supervisor
Emily Crofford DSC4494
Emily Crofford
Adjunct Instructor of Dance
+1 (336) 841-9000
Michael Huie DSC6016
Michael Huie
Adjunct Professor of Performance
+1 (336) 841-9009
09.09.22 Kerrie Anne Sparks headshot faculty
Kerrie-Anne Sparks
Career Advisor
+1 (336) 841-9778
Christine Stevens DSC4363
Christine Bowen Stevens
Adjunct Instructor of Dance
+1 (336) 841-9000
Michele Trumble DSC4691
Michele Trumble
Adjunct Professor of Dance
+1 (336) 841-9000
Michael Tourek DSC5297
Michael Tourek
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
+1 (336) 841-9787
Ed Simpson DSC6528 2
Ed Simpson
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
+1 (336) 841-4548
John Galas   HPU Headshot 2022
John Galas
Adjunct Instructor, Theatre
Laura Jernigan DSC5566
Laura Jernigan
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
Gay Hensley DSC5221
Gay Hensley
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
+1 (336) 841-4505
Holly Raulston DSC6092
Holly Raulston
Performing Arts Communications Manager