I often find myself thinking about how each of my HPU faculty mentors would approach a situation that I’ve been in. Years after graduation my mentors are on my mind in professional situations – musically, technically, acting, directing – and they have left a profound and irreplaceable imprint on my career and life.

– Justin Beard, ’14

Doug Brown DSC6296
Doug Brown
Chair and Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance
+1 (336) 841-4525
Jay Putnam Theater
Jay Putnam
Associate Professor of Theater
+1 (336) 841-9012
Caitlyn Baldwin DSC6069
Caitlyn Baldwin
Visiting Assistant Professor of Scenic and Lighting Design
+1 (336) 841-2976
Bailey Powell DSC5651
Bailey Powell
Visiting Assistant Professor of Costume Design
+1 (336) 841-9525
High point university faculty ken elston portrait
Ken Elston
Dean, School of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
+1 (336) 841-2848
Lindsey Howie Dance
Lindsey Howie
Assistant Professor of Dance
+1 (336) 841-9439
08 17 22 high point university faculty jesse galas
Jesse Galas
Assistant Professor, Musical Theater
Nicholas Rodgers
Nicholas Rodgers
Hayworth Fine Arts Center Facility Manager, Production Supervisor
Emily Crofford DSC4494
Emily Crofford
Adjunct Instructor of Dance
+1 (336) 841-9000
Michael Huie DSC6016
Michael Huie
Adjunct Professor of Performance
+1 (336) 841-9009
09.09.22 Kerrie Anne Sparks headshot faculty
Kerrie-Anne Sparks
Career Advisor
+1 (336) 841-9778
Christine Stevens DSC4363
Christine Bowen Stevens
Adjunct Instructor of Dance
+1 (336) 841-9000
Michele Trumble DSC4691
Michele Trumble
Adjunct Professor of Dance
+1 (336) 841-9000
Michael Tourek DSC5297
Michael Tourek
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
+1 (336) 841-9787
David Sebren DSC6215
David Sebren
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
(336) 841-9000
Ed Simpson DSC6528 2
Ed Simpson
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
+1 (336) 841-4548
John Galas
John Galas
Adjunct Instructor, Theatre
Laura Jernigan DSC5566
Laura Jernigan
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
Gay Hensley DSC5221
Gay Hensley
Adjunct Instructor of Theater
+1 (336) 841-4505
Holly Raulston DSC6092
Holly Raulston
Performing Arts Communications Manager