David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty & Staff

Bryan VescioDr. Bryan Vescio
Department Chair
Professor of English
207 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9721

BA, University of Wisconsin - Madison, MA, University of Virginia, PhD, University of Virginia

Research Interests: 19th and 20th century American literature, Cormac McCarthy, Philosophy and Literature, Critical Theory, Film Studies

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 2200: American Apocalypse, ENG 3400: Early American Literature, ENG 4998: Senior Portfolio

Bio: I was born and raised in Wisconsin, and I spent 13 years teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay before joining HPU’s English Department in 2015. Outside of books, movies, and my family, my passions are the sport of tennis, which I’ve coached at the Division I level, and of course my beloved Green Bay Packers.

Dr. Laura Alexander
Assistant Professor of English
213 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9560

BA with Honors in English, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Research Interests: Early British Literature and Culture (1600-1900); Philosophy and Literature; Women Writers; Gender Studies

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 4510 "Genre Theory" (Female Gothic); ENG 4520 "Long Eighteenth-Century British Literature"; ENG 4305 "English Traditions" (Seventeenth-Century Literature); ENG 2720 "British Literature to 1800"; ENG 2200 "Early English Women Writers" and ENG 2200 Online, "Fairy Tale Traditions"; ENG 1103

Dr. Jenn Brandt
Assistant Professor of English
Director of Women’s and Gender Studies
Director of the Common Experience
209/210 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9558

BA, Drew University, MA, Bowling Green State University, PhD, University of Rhode Island

Research Interests: Contemporary U.S. and Transnational Literature, Cultural Studies, Body and Identity

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 3298: Women Writing Worldwide, ENG 4400: Modern/Contemporary Authors, ENG 4998: Senior Portfolio
Dr. William Carpenter
Professor of English
Director of the Honors Program
444 Smith Library
Phone: (336) 841-9339

BA College of New Jersey, MA Kansas State University, PhD University of Kansas

Research Interests: Writing pedagogy, curriculum development, first-year experiences

Recent Courses Taught: First-Year Seminar: College Uncovered

Bio: Dr. Carpenter teaches courses in writing, learning theory, and literature. He spends his spare time running, barbecuing, and playing with his dogs.

Charmaine CadeauDr. Charmaine Cadeau
Associate Professor of English
Editor in Chief of Apogee Magazine
Co-Director of the Community Writing Center
211 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9630

BA, Trent University, BEd, Queen’s University, MA, University of New Brunswick, PhD, New York State University at Albany

Research Interests: Interarts; contemporary American poetry; pedagogy of writing; Black Mountain College

Recent Courses Taught: Writing Poetry; Advanced Poetry; Creative Nonfiction; Introduction to Creative Writing; Major Authors: Robert Creeley; Community Writing

Dr. Matthew Carlson
Assistant Professor of English
208 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9561

BA, Wheaton College, MA, UNC-Chapel Hill, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill

Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-Century British Literature; Music and Literature; Crime Fiction; Film Studies; Adaptation

Recent Courses Taught: British Literature II, Literary Scotland (Global Experience), FYS: Detective Fiction and the Quest for Knowledge, Colonialism & Postcolonialism, 19th-Century British Literature, 20th-Century British Literature, Modern Irish Literature, Critical Theory

Bio: Born and raised in West Michigan, Dr. Carlson came to HPU in 2012 after completing his graduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition to teaching courses on British literature, he mentors undergraduate research projects and serves as the department’s graduate school liaison. In his spare time, he enjoys watching classic films, traveling, and spending time with his wife and two young children.
Mr. Matthew Fiander
Instructor of English
430 Smith Library
Phone: (336) 841-9632

BA, Elon University, MFA, UNC-Greensboro

Research Interests: Creative Writing, Film, Music

Recent Courses Taught: American Horror and Gender, First-Year Writing, Intro to Creative Writing
Dr. Matthew Garite
Instructor of English
428 Smith Library
Phone: (336) 841-1000

BA, Syracuse University, MA, Syracuse University, PhD, University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Research Interests: Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Marxism, Science Fiction, Post-WWII American Literature, Ecology

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 1103, FYS 1000, ENG 2200

Bio: Dr. Garite’s courses explore intersections between popular culture and politics, and usually feature an emphasis on film, music, and genre fiction. His most recent research focuses on contemporary countercultures and the history of utopian thought.

Dr. Joseph Goeke
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
434 Smith Library
Phone: (336) 841-9633

BA, Southwest Missouri State University, MA, Southwest Missouri State University, PhD, University of South Carolina

Research Interests: Nineteenth-Century American Literature; Existential Literature; Border Studies; American Humor

Recent Courses Taught: FYS 1000: Time Travel in Literature and Film; ENG 2200: Existential Fictions, Fables, and Philosophies; ENG 2249: American Humor; ENG 2820: American Literature 1: Beginnings to 1865

Dr. Nathan Hedman
Assistant Professor of English and Theatre
216 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9076

BA, Seattle Pacific University, MA, St. John's College, MAR, Yale Divinity School, MA, Northwestern University, PhD, Northwestern University

Research Interests: Performance and Philosophy, Secularity, Religion; Enlightenment and Romantic Theatres and Aesthetic Theory.

Recent Courses Taught: History of the Cool; Global Performance; History of Western Theater

Bio: Dr. Hedman serves a joint appointment in the departments of English and Theatre where he teaches courses at intersection of performance and literature. He serves as head historian and dramaturg for the Theatre department, advising on show selection, production, and college community outreach. He is a connoisseur of pie and children’s books.

Ms. Michele Huffman
Instructor of English
450 Smith Library
Phone: (336) 841-9591

BA, St. Mary's College of Maryland, MFA, George Mason University

Research Interests: Contemporary Poetry; Service Learning; Composition Pedagogy; Gender Studies

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 2200: Dystopian Literature; ENG 1103: College Writing and Public Life

Bio: Relatively new to High Point University, Michele has enjoyed expanding her academic interests into the field of Service Learning, finding ways to engage students that are new, surprising, and a little challenging. When not teaching, she enjoys reading and writing poetry, interrogating pop culture through the feminist lens, and trying new recipes. She currently resides in Greensboro.

Cara KozmaDr. Cara Kozma
Associate Professor of English
Assistant Director of the HPU Service Learning Program
Co-Director of the Community Writing Center
203 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9643

BA, Evergreen State College, MA, Portland State University, PhD, Wayne State University

Research Interests: Service Learning; Composition Pedagogy; Community Publishing; Globalization

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 4140: Community Writing; ENG 2121: Intro to Writing Studies; English 3920: World Literature; English 2230: Literature and Community

Bio: Dr. Kozma also serves as the Assistant Director of Service Learning and the co-director of the Community Writing Center. She enjoys traveling and spends most of her time chasing after her two young sons.

Meredith Malburne WadeDr. Meredith Malburne-Wade
Assistant Professor of English
Director, Office of Fellowships and Awards
228 Cottrell
(336) 841-9758

BA, Wellesley College, MA, Georgetown University, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Dr. Cheryl Marsh
Instructor of English
450 Smith Library
Phone: (336) 841-9592

BFA Filmmaking, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, MA, Western Carolina University, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Research Interests: 19th and 20th Century Transatlantic Poetry; Women's and Genders Studies; Aesthetics and Politics; Writing Classroom Pedagogy

Recent Courses Taught: English 1103: College Writing and Public Life; English 2200: Critical Reading and Interpretation (Parallel Realities in Literature); Eng/GBS 3299: Other Americas (Caribbean Literature and Culture)

Bio: In her free time, Dr. Marsh enjoys kickboxing and circuit training at her local gym, going on adventures with her family, and, whenever possible, walking for miles on the beach at low tide, searching for shells.

Dr. Holly Middleton
Associate Professor of English
Director of First-Year Writing
206 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9456

BA, Sam Houston State University, MA, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, PhD, University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests: Dr. Middleton is interested in how social, economic, and cultural contexts shape literary practices and how they are valued. Her research interests are the history and politics of literacy and SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) projects on academic writing.

Recent Courses Taught: "College Writing and Public Life" (ENG 1103), "Style" (ENG 3115), "Literacy and Technology" (ENG 3114), "Imagining the Past" (ENG 2200)
Dr. Jacob Paul
Assistant Professor of English
212 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9559

BA, SUNY Buffalo, MFA, Vermont College of Fine Arts, PhD, University of Utah

Research Interests: Creative Writing: Fiction, CNF, Collaborative Ephemera, Ethics of Representation, Comparative Postmodernisms

Recent Courses Taught: Experimental American Literature (4570), Advanced Techniques in Fiction (4111), Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop (3111), Intermediate Creative Nonfiction Workshop (3113), Introduction to Creative Writing (2122).

Virginia PiperDr. Virginia Piper
Visiting Assistant Professor of English
318-E Wilson Commerce
Phone: (336) 841-9785

BA, Concordia College, MA, University of Oregon, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Melissa Richard
Instructor of English
318-B Wilson Commerce
Phone: (336) 841-9358

BS, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, MA, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, PhD, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Research Interests: Victorian literature and culture; women's and gender studies; working-class studies; digital humanities; academic labor issues

Recent Courses Taught: ENG/GBS/WGS 3298: Women Writing Worldwide; ENG 1103: College Writing and Public Life ("Just" Communities Online); ENG 2200: Neo-Victorian Literature

Bio: Dr. Richard (pronounced ree-shard) was voted Most Friendly of her high school senior class, a title that she argues is somewhat at odds with her lifelong tendency toward "loud" introversion. Besides working with the fantastic students she encounters in her classes at HPU, she enjoys reading, dancing, photography, and coffee.

Dr. Donna Scheidt
Assistant Professor of English
Pre-Law Advisor
202 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9139

BA, University of Chicago, JD, Harvard Law School, PhD, University of Michigan

Dr. Scheidt’s research and teaching involves language and decision making (especially judicial opinions); law and literature; and undergraduate research and library-writing program collaborations. She is a campus pre-law advisor.

Research Interests: Undergraduate research and writing (relationships between research and writing, longitudinal study of), legal rhetoric (especially how legal professionals use extra-legal materials and arguments--e.g., literary, ethical)

Recent Courses Taught: Advanced Study in Rhetoric/Literacy: Rhetorical History, Theory, and Criticism (ENG 4114), Print Artifacts: Literature, Law, and Narrative (ENG 4720), Style (ENG 3115), Introduction to Writing Studies (ENG 2121), Critical Reading and Interpretation: Law and Literature (ENG 2200), College Writing and Public Life (ENG 1103), First-Year Seminar: Law, Rhetoric, and Culture (FYS 1000)

Bio: When not teaching, researching, or advising undergraduates on law school or independent research projects, Dr. Scheidt enjoys playing the violin with area orchestras, hiking with her spouse (science writer/editor Rob Frederick), and hanging out at the dog park with her labraheeler (Kalani).

Dr. Matthew Schneider
Associate Dean, David R. Hayworth College of Arts and Sciences
Professor of English
121 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9073

BA, University of California – Berkeley, MA, University of Chicago, PhD, University of California – Los Angeles

Research Interests: 19th century British literature; music and literature; popular culture and literature

Recent Courses Taught: First Year Seminar: The Beatles and the English Poetic Tradition; Nineteenth-century British Literature

Bio: A former chair of the English department at HPU, Dr. Schneider currently directs the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning and oversees learning outcomes assessment for the university’s general education curriculum.

Dr. Leah Schweitzer
Associate Professor of English
Director of the HPU Writing Center
215 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9106

BFA, UNC-Greensboro, MA, University of Maryland, PhD, University of Louisville

Research Interests: Writing for digital environments, writing center theory, writing pedagogy

Recent Courses Taught: Digital Storytelling, Advanced Techniques in Creative Non-fiction, Introduction to Creative Writing, College Writing and Public Life

Bio: Dr. Schweitzer has been at High Point University since 2004. In her spare time, you can find her on the tennis courts or traveling the States and the world (and blogging about it).
Dr. Kirstin Squint
Associate Professor of English
214 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9645

BA, Eureka College, MA, Miami University, PhD, Louisiana State University

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 4400: Modern and Contemporary Authors; ENG 3910: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States; ENG 2380: American Literature II; ENG 2239: Literature of the American South

Bio: Dr. Squint teaches 20th and 21st century American literature, especially US multiethnic and Southern, and has mentored undergraduate research projects investigating works of African American and American Indian literature. She has published articles in MELUS, Mississippi Quarterly: A Journal of Southern Cultures, Studies in American Humor, Brujula, and others. She is currently completing a monograph on the works of Choctaw author, LeAnne Howe. In her free time, Dr. Squint enjoys stand up paddle boarding (SUP), sailing, walking her dogs, and spending time with her family.
Dr. Karen Summers
Instructor of English
201 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9348

BA, Salem College, MA, UNC- Charlotte, PhD, UNC-Greensboro

Research Interests: Medieval british literature, ecocriticism

Recent Courses Taught: English 3310, English 2200, English 1103

Bio: Dr. Summers was born in Charleston, SC and lived in Tokyo for 9 years.

Dr. Erin Trauth
Assistant Professor of English
216 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9657

BS, University of North Florida, MFA, University of South Florida, PhD, Texas Tech University

Research Interests: Professional Writing, Technical Writing, Public Writing; Public Health Communication; Service Learning; Composition Pedagogy; Rhetoric of Health and Medicine

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 1103: College Writing and Public Life; ENG 2135: Technical Writing
Ms. Allison Walker
Instructor of English
436 Smith Library
Phone: (336) 841-9146

BA, Appalachian State University, MFA, University of Alaska Anchorage

Research Interests: Interdisciplinary, narrative medicine, medical humanities, literary Darwinism, undergraduate research and creative works, service learning, scholarship of teaching and learning, digital humanities, empathy, beekeeping
HPU Darwinists
HPU Lifelines

Recent Courses Taught: ENG 1101, 1102, 1103, 2130, 2200, 2200, 2200 OL, 2230 SL, 2888, FYS 1000

Bio: In her spare time, Allison likes to run barefoot with her husband, harvest honey from her backyard bees, play violin with her daughter, and volunteer as a vet tech for the Feral Cat Assistance Program of Guilford County.

Ms. Dana Yates
Office Manager
241 Norcross
Phone: (336) 841-9401

BS, High Point University


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