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Donors: 50 Encore® Azaleas from Pender Nursery (Garner, NC) in 2009;  Flowerwood Nursery (Loxley, AL) brought the number of different Encore® Azaleas to 23 in spring of 2012; several thousand daffodils donated by Brent & Becky’s Bulbs (Gloucester, VA).

Location: Winding around the Slane Student Center bordering the walkway and continuing behind Blessing Residence Hall

Featured plants: Over 100 different deciduous and evergreen azaleas, plus several selections of quince (Chaenomeles), grapeholly (Mahonia) and several purple-leaved selections of coralbells (Heuchera)
Garden Map With Plant List: Blessing Path
Garden Map With Plant List: Slane Path

When it blooms: Hues ranging from ruby reds to pinks and purples erupt in spring with rebloom occurring in fall

About: A generous donation from Pender Nursery in Garner, North Carolina, helped create this winding path behind Blessing Residence Hall. More than 130 different azaleas grow along the walkway, and by the second week in April, the path is awash in ruby red, purple, and pink. Winding its way around the Slane Center, this garden offers a colorful contrast to the neighboring ponds and splashing fountains. 

Daffodils begin the early show of color in the Azalea Path

A wide variety of azaleas brings a symphony of color behind Blessing Dorm

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