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Armillary donor (a type of sun dial): Dusty Maynard (High Point, NC)

Armillary in honor of: Kay Maynard (University Trustee)

Location: Between Slane Student Center and Yadkin Residence Hall

Featured plants: Fig trees, blueberries, pomegranates, asparagus in addition to many  traditional herbs
Garden Map With Plant List

When it blooms: Typically beginning in April until late fall

History: This garden was created with the intent of not only providing fresh culinary herbs for the campus chef but also designed such that students can sit along the wall surrounding the garden in order to enjoy the fragrances and textures of the herbs within the garden.  In late summer of 2012 the herb garden was completely redesigned and replanted.  The soil mix in this garden is a blend of compost and a baked slate material manufactured in North Carolina called Perma-till.  This blend allows for excellent drainage, a key requirement for many herbs.

About: This garden yields both fresh herbs for the campus chef and an area where students can sit and enjoy the fragrances and textures within its walls. Dusty Maynard (High Point, NC) donated an Armillary, a type of sundial, to the garden in honor of his wife and university trustee, Kay Maynard. 

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Garfield 8.30   Herb Garden 1

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