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In honor of: Dr. E. Roy Epperson for 40 years of service to HPU

Location: Between Hayworth Fine Arts and Congdon Hall

Featured plants: Many fragrant plant such as tea olive (Osmanthus), Cape jessamine (Gardenia), rice paper plant (Edgeworthia) and fragrant gladiolus perfume this garden throughout the year.

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When it blooms: Seasonal interest throughout the year

More history: Several selections from Epperson’s garden help fill the space. Some of his treasured hostas and irises have become the foundation for several other gardens on campus including the new Woodland Hillside Garden as well as the Perennial Garden which houses the majority of his iris collection.  As this garden is located in such a well traveled area we have made efforts to fill the garden with an assortment of plants which bring fragrance to the garden throughout the year.

About: Nestled between the Hayworth Fine Arts Center and Congdon Hall is a fitting place of honor for the late HPU Administrator and Professor Dr. Epperson, mirroring his love of the arts and sciences. His 40 years of service to HPU and impact on campus is echoed through the many selections from his personal garden which fill this space. His garden unveils an explosion of color at all times of the year. It includes irises, hostas, and Lenten roses.

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