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Donor: Many faculty and staff donated plants from their own gardens

Location: In Hayworth Park above the Hoffman Amphitheater

Featured plants: A wide assortment of bulbs, vine, and perennials as well as architectural woody plants
Garden Map with Plant List

When it blooms: Bloom continues from late spring into late fall

About: Originally planted with 122 varieties, this garden that lies behind the Hoffman Amphitheater at David Hayworth Park, was built by HPU faculty and staff volunteers with donations from their own gardens at home. The dynamic collection is continually growing with new additions each year.

More history:  Originally planted with 122 different varieties, this is a dynamic garden with additions and changes made each year in order to grow and maintain the collection.  In fall of 2013, we began the process of significant reworking of the garden.  Much of the focus of this renovation focused on improving the soils in the garden and bringing more structure to the garden such that all seasons display interest, including winter.





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