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Donor: Donated by Jim and Phyllis Morgan of High Point, both Class of 1961. 

Location: At the front entrance to Hayworth Fine Arts Building

Featured plants: A yaupon holly hedge, filled in with bright annual color throughout the year. 

When it blooms: Year -round 

About: James and Phyllis Morgan, both of whom graduated from High Point College in 1961, support HPU’s Elizabethan style knot garden. Knot gardens are known for their intricate design, and they were popular during the time of William Shakespeare. So, it’s appropriate that this garden is situated in front of theHayworth Fine Arts Center. The garden is pattered after the window above the Wrenn Hall’s door and offers an array of flowers throughout the year. Outlining the garden is a sheared hedge of yaupon holly, while the interiors are filled with seasonal color creating a beautiful tapestry.


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