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Location: Located in the center of Hayworth Park

Featured plants: The Raylene Fealy Crinum Collection, several selections of deciduous hollies (Ilex verticillata) and many water loving iris
Garden Map with Plant List

When it blooms: Seasonal interest throughout the year with flowering peak from late spring through summer

About: The aesthetically pleasing yet functional Lakeside gardens between Wanek and Slane Student Centers illustrates HPU’s commitment to the environment. It serves as a basin to capture rainwater and receive runoff  from surrounding areas and provide a home for wildlife and plants- including irises and deciduous hollies, which are tolerant of wet soil. The selection of plants within this garden adapt and thrive in a range of soil conditions, whether receiving occasional precipitation or planted in standing water.

More history: The intent of this garden serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose.  The lakes were created in order to serve a basin in which to receive run-off water from the surrounding areas.  Plants have been selected which are adaptable to a range of conditions from those which thrive in continually flooded soils progressing to those which tolerate soils which are only flooded during periods of heavy precipitation.


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