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Plaza & Promenade Gallery
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The Strickland Scholarship Plaza
Dedicated in September 2020, The Elizabeth Miller Strickland Scholarship Plaza celebrates, recognizes and inspires existing and future endowment donors, while also providing a location for students to reflect on the impact of philanthropy in their own lives and academic pursuits.
200428 Patiots 0007
Patriot's Plaza
The cascade fountain features four pools tiered from the top of the site to the bottom, such that water cascades down over weirs from one basin to the next. This fountain features three large geyser jets in the top pool and 56 arched jets spanning the sides of the other pools. The waterfall fountain features a circular pool at the top that creates a waterfall which feeds into a crescent pool below. The circular pool features a centered jet cluster which creates a vertical water column. Surrounding this column are nine jets which create a “dancing” water jet effect. Both of the fountains prominently feature many color-changing LED lights.
Peacock Topiary Garden and Conservatory
The Mahler Family Promenade
The Mahler Family promenade is located between Congdon Hall and Wanek School of Natural Sciences and has been extended to the Plato S. Wilson School of Commerce and the Caine Conservatory. The Mahler Promenade includes The Topiary Fusion Garden, which is part of the Mariana H. Qubein Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.
210330 Kester 001
Kester Promenade
The Gene and Jane Kester International Promenade is lined with the international flags, which represent the dozens of countries that make up HPU’s student body. An “outdoor classroom,” the promenade also features wireless internet service, classical music that plays throughout the day, and 20 sculptures of famous historical figures that are found along many of the promenade benches. The Henley and Finch fountains prominently anchor the both ends of the promenade.
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Strickland Scholarship Plaza
Converted from a former parking lot, the pool offers an oasis for students, faculty, and staff to relax, study, and catch up in conversations with friends. Koi, ducks, and water lilies bring to life an area that feels like a landscape painted by French impressionist Claude Monet.
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