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Donor: Dr. Don Scarborough, Vice President of Community Relations

In honor of: HPU alumni Patrick and Ryan Scarborough

Location: Wilson School of Commerce off Panther Drive

Featured plants: This garden serves as a habitat and source of food for butterflies, caterpillars, and other pollinators. A diverse plant selection provides nectar and food throughout the year to feed these pollinators in all stages of life. Featured plants include Fennel, Amsonia, Buddleia, Monarda, and Salvia.
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When it blooms: Early spring through late fall

About: Longtime HPU employee Dr. Don Scarborough supported this garden to honor his two sons, Patrick and Ryan, whom are both HPU alumni, as well as remember his late wife, Mikie. The garden sits behind the Wilson School of Commerce and offers a welcoming habitat with a variety of nectar sources for butterflies and caterpillars. The garden is complete with a pond and a waterfall. The garden has been designated as a Monarch Watch Waystation because of its plants. There is also a butterfly bench made possible by a donation from the late Jack and Marsha Slane, former members of the HPU Board of Trustees.


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