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Mission: The Mark and Julie Phillips Sculpture Garden will be a place for the University and the broader community to experience student and professional works.  It will be a space where people can linger and enjoy diverse works of art that interact with the surrounding environment.  It will be a special experience that will educate and inspire greater artistic awareness.

About: Mark and Julie Phillips supported this garden to showcase sculptures by HPU students and North Carolina artists, as well as sweeps of ground cover such as monkey grass. The first student collaborated piece “Portal To Knowledge” was installed in the garden in 2010. A new sculpture by a North Carolina artist is added to the garden every year. It’s part of the Andrea Wheless Visiting Sculptor Program, which was created by HPU faculty to honor a colleague who helped create the HPU School of Art and Design. The garden continues to expand and evolve with permanent and rotating exhibits. 

Location: Between Blessing Hall and Millis Gym, with pieces continuing throughout the hillside.

Garden Map with Plant List

Featured sculptures:

1) Portal To Knowledge, installed 2011, concrete. Artists: Sculpture class of 2011

2) Knowledge Takes Flight, installed 2012, concrete. Artists: Andrea Wheless (faculty), Janis Dougherty (faculty), Bill Donnan (visiting artist), Amanda Holcomb (student), Alexis Pennacchio (student), Alexis Goldman (student).

3) Cascade of the Hill, installed 2013, steel and aluminum. Artist: Jeff Keifer. This sculpture was purchased by the School of Art and Design. Cascade of the Hill is based on the organic slope and curvature that nature creates on the landscape around us.  The natural rust finish connects the piece to its earthly surroundings making it blend with the environment.

4) Artifact, installed 2014, concrete and steel. Artists: Adrian Boggs (faculty), Peter Dezzi (student), Christopher Doyle, Jenna Myer, Jordan Skyler (student), David Vidri (student). The figures illustrate the overlap of civilizations through time and discuss the nature and inevitability of change in society.

As designers, observation is paramount in everything we do, and what we do on campus is to get our students to think.
Adrian Boggs
HPU Instructor of Art
You have to take the time to smell the flowers. An opportunity to do that is found in the sculpture garden. You'll feel the breeze and hear the sound of water, and you're surrounded by nature and the majesty of those sculptures. You can't create that on the printed page
Mark Phillips
The art department exists because of Andrea. She was such a great mentor to everyone in the department, and we all wanted her to be remembered and to have a legacy. She was passionate and fiery about the arts, and she had way too much energy to be forgotten.
Dr. John Turpin
Dean of the School of Art and Design, Arboretum Committee Member

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