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Location: Across from the rear of Blessing Residence Hall

Featured plants:  A wide variety of bulbs, perennials, trees and shrubs which perform well in lower light situations
Garden Map With Plant List

When it blooms: Bursting forth in spring with woodland ephemerals, this garden will transition in summer to a pleasing blend of textures.  Fall will burst forth with highlights of fall color leading us into winter where this garden will rely on colorful evergreens to create a unique four season garden.

About: Located behind Blessing Residence Hall, this garden takes advantage of the existing tree layer and slope to provide a blend of textures, colors, and forms to create a relaxing environment. It contains 500 different plants, conveying the importance of diversity in the garden. This unique four season garden transitions into an array of textures and colors as the seasons change and includes beautiful peonies and a broad-leaved evergreen shrub known as the redneck rhododendron. 

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