HPU’s faculty-led study abroad courses provide students with opportunities to be immersed in cultures unlike their own. These short-term programs link classroom instruction with intentional travel led by HPU faculty members to provide students a connection between what they are learning in the classroom with the current events and cultural practices they encounter abroad.

HPU offers two unique types of faculty-led study abroad courses: Global Experience courses and Maymester courses.

Global Experience courses are semester-long (Fall or Spring) courses taught on campus at HPU with a two-week international travel component at the end of the semester. Your travel abroad features customized academic activities that link real-world experiences to what you’ve been learning in the classroom prior to departure. All Global Experience courses are worth 4 credits.

Maymester courses are month-long, self-contained, 4-credit courses generally taught entirely while abroad. Travel takes place in May and June. Think of the Maymester as a mini-semester. Instead of being spread out over 4 months, Maymester courses are completed in only 4 weeks. Yes, the coursework is intensive, but Maymester study abroad courses combine outside experiential activities with traditional classroom learning to provide a unique and enjoyable academic journey.

Beginning in 2023, HPU will be offering an expanded menu of Maymester courses as part of its “Go Global” initiative. It’s not too early to get excited! Visit the Go Global Grant page for more information.


2022 Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

Faculty-led programs (Maymester and Global Experience) are announced annually in conjunction with the HPU Study Abroad Fair in September. Applications are opened at that time, as well. The application deadline is usually November 15. Be sure to check with the Office of Global Education to verify the most recent deadline information! All applications are hosted online in HPU’s Study Abroad Portal powered by ViaTRM. When applying, you will be able to note one back-up program should your preferred program become competitive and fill. Please check below for the latest on 2022 faculty-led study abroad programs once information becomes available.


2022 Global Experience Programs:

Stay tuned for more information at the Fall 2021 Study Abroad Fair!


2022 Maymester Programs:

Stay tuned for more information at the Fall 2021 Study Abroad Fair!


Past Global Experience & Maymester Programs

For many years, High Point University students and faculty have traveled throughout the United States and across the world on exciting short-term, faculty-led study programs. Read about these exciting programs and the students’ experiences on our Global Experience & Maymester History page.