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Are you considering a global education experience?


We are glad you’re considering enhancing your education with a rigorous, academic experience abroad! Studying abroad brings you a challenging experience that will take you outside of your comfort zone as you explore new cultures, ways of thinking, methods of learning, lifestyles, and relationships. At High Point University, we aim to prepare you to lead a life of significance in a complex, global community. We understand that in some ways, one’s home university campus may not be a direct reflection of the world in which we live–what better way to grow than to immerse oneself in another culture, embracing a different way of living while expanding one’s horizon.

The Benefits of Global Education

We believe that an academic experience abroad will enhance your education as you prepare for your future. Where a vacation may allow you to see highlights of other countries, engaging in the culture as a local student will give meaning and deepen insights into yourself and the world around you. Your time in the classroom will challenge your thinking. New friendships may challenge your beliefs and help instill in you new or existing values. Your travels will become experiential as you make independent decisions. You’ll be tested to budget your time and your money wisely.

This is why global education exists at High Point University. We support the mission of HPU to deliver educational experiences that enlighten, challenge, and prepare students to lead lives of significance in complex global communities by providing accessible international educational experiences aimed to meet students’ individual goals and develop their intercultural skill-set and providing international students with a living and learning community that provides an extraordinary academic experience in a “home away from home.”

For students already studying at HPU, we’ve worked diligently to develop carefully crafted partnerships and programs that meet the academic needs of the HPU curriculum. These programs provide courses that will satisfy or supplement your degree requirements, often providing a global perspective to the content. With careful planning, you’ll stay on track to graduate while enhancing your resume and your intercultural skill set.

For students expanding their studies to the United States, the HPU campus has worked together to welcome you into every area of the campus community. You’ll find enriching classroom discussions, a close residential community, and a supportive environment that embraces diversity. You’ll be able to take advantage of all opportunities to gain an extraordinary education while you bring a new perspective to our campus community. We’re thrilled to have you here!

Our goal is to bring people and cultures together, to share their similarities and embrace their differences. Former U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright proclaimed that “International education exchange is the most significant current project designed to continue the process of humanizing mankind to the point, we would hope, that nations can learn to live in peace.”

Learning and Growing through Global Education

Studying abroad is not always easy or comfortable. You’ll be leaving your home for what may seem like the “unknown.” Additionally, the learning that takes place from a global education experience is not always intrinsic. It takes advisors and educators to help guide you through these challenges to reflect, learn, and grow from the experience. Because of these and other reasons, our office is not just a service offered to students, but an academic environment where the experience of studying internationally is not the end goal, it’s one part of the process.

We’re here to guide you through your global education experience, to help you plan effectively and develop important transferable skills as you strive to become a global citizen.

Getting Started

To prepare for your education abroad experience, we encourage you to research carefully your opportunities. Begin with your goals–academic, personal, and professional. What do you want to learn? How do you want to be challenged? How will this experience prepare you for your future? Then, contact your study abroad advisor or admissions staff to begin the planning process.

Whether you’re planning to study at High Point University or planning for a semester, Global Experience, Maymester, or summer program abroad, we hope you find these pages helpful in your exploration. Get to know us and don’t hesitate to contact us as questions arise.

We’re rooting for you and ready to help you plan for this exciting academic experience abroad!

– Your Office of Global Education