Do you want to see the world while developing the global life-skills you’ll need to make an impact in your future career?

High Point University provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity through the tuition-free Go Global grant. HPU’s Maymester programs in exciting locations like London, Paris, Sydney, and Osaka are ready to welcome you! This exclusive program will expand your cultural horizons while helping you accomplish your academic, personal, and professional goals.

You’ll enjoy these incredible benefits when you secure your transformational academic experience through the Go Global program:

  • Free tuition for your global coursework
  • Up to four academic credits
  • Up to four weeks of professional and cultural development
  • Memories and lessons that will last a lifetime

All incoming, first-time freshmen students who entered HPU in Fall 2021 and Fall 2022 are eligible for the Go Global grant upon acceptance to an HPU faculty-led Maymester program.

Through HPU’s Go Global program, you’ll gain an international, professional experience within four weeks. Visit the HPU campus any time this spring to qualify.


Go Global FAQs

What is a Maymester study abroad course?

Maymester courses are month-long, self-contained, courses generally taught entirely while abroad. Travel takes place in May and June. Think of the Maymester as a mini-semester. Instead of being spread out over 4 months, Maymester courses are completed in 4 weeks or less. Yes, the coursework is intensive, but Maymester study abroad courses combine outside experiential activities with traditional classroom learning to provide a unique and enjoyable academic journey.

When is the earliest I can use my Go Global grant?

First-time freshmen students who entered HPU in Fall 2021 and Fall 2022 can use the Go Global grant to cover tuition for a Maymester course after they’ve completed two academic years at High Point University. We are continually planning an amazing menu of Maymester courses!

Can I use the Go Global grant for a Global Experience Study Abroad Program?

No, Global Experience (GE) courses are different than Maymester courses. GE courses are semester-long (Fall or Spring) courses with an international travel component. Tuition for a GE course is part of your educational investment for the corresponding semester. Travel takes place for 2 weeks at the end of the semester. Like Maymester programs, these are extraordinary programs and some are available for students as early as the Freshman year.

When and how do I apply for a Maymester Study Abroad Program?

Faculty-led programs (Maymester and Global Experience) are announced annually in conjunction with the HPU Study Abroad Fair held in early Fall. Applications are opened at that time, as well. The application deadline is usually November 15. Be sure to check with the Office of Global Education to verify the most recent deadline information! All applications are hosted online in HPU’s Study Abroad Portal powered by ViaTRM.

Am I guaranteed my preferred Go Global destination?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all students get accepted to their preferred program. Best practices in program management require us to maintain a low faculty-to-student ratio in order to provide a safe experience and one that allows ample opportunity for cultural immersion. Accordingly, each program has a limit on capacity. The Office of Global Education recommends listing an alternative program when applying for a Maymester program. There are several factors that go into the student selection process, including GPA, personal statements, faculty references, and total hours completed.

Is my study abroad program really free? Are there additional fees?

The Go Global Grant waives the cost of tuition for up to a 4-credit course on an HPU faculty-led Maymester program. Student participants will still be responsible for the program’s fee, which covers travel costs, accommodations, etc., and all personal expenses.