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Phi Beta Delta is the Honor Society for International Scholars.

Phi Beta Delta, founded at California State University, Long Beach in 1986, was established as an organization in 1987 with 38 chartered chapters, many of which had existed for a considerable time previously at the local level. It is the first honor society dedicated to recognizing scholarly achievement in international education. As of December of 2012, 192 chapters have been chartered.  High Point University‚Äôs chapter, Zeta Beta, was chartered in 2005 through the efforts of Dr. Barbara Mascali, Assistant Professor of German and ESL.

Phi Beta Delta traces its background to the eighteenth-century founding of Phi Beta Kappa. In the nineteenth century, Greek fraternities divided into the social, professional, and academic Greeks. Phi Beta Delta is an academic and professional society, unique because it is resolutely interdisciplinary and international. Its formal organization brought together numerous pre-existing internally-oriented campus groups.

Aim and Purpose

The purpose of Phi Beta Delta is to recognize experience and scholarship in international education.  It serves as a catalyst for interdisciplinary dialogue and intercultural communication, and serves as a network for students, staff, and faculty involved in international activities.

Symbols and Colors

The colors of the society are red and gold, symbolizing the strength and diversity of humankind (red) and the sun from which all people and cultures draw strength and life (gold).



Membership is offered to undergraduate and graduate international students, as well as domestic students who have studied abroad and are involved in international activities on campus. Honorary memberships are reserved for faculty and staff who have demonstrated outstanding service to the cause of international education, international exchange, and internationalization.

Membership Criteria

HPU Faculty/Administrators/Staff who have been involved in international endeavors in the areas of teaching, administration, research, and publication and/or provided services and programs to support international students and scholars.

HPU Students who have demonstrated high academic achievement as well as demonstrated participation in internationally-relevant academic, extracurricular, and/or scholarship activities.

  • Academic Achievement:
    • Undergraduate students must have obtained sophomore status (or higher) with a minimum cumulative 3.2 undergraduate GPA and class rank in the top 10%.
    • Graduate students must have a minimum cumulative 3.5 GPA.
  • Participation in internationally-relevant academic, extracurricular, and/or scholarship activities:
    • International students enrolled at HPU should have engaged in sharing their culture with others (e.g., roommates/hall mates, classroom presentation/participation, etc.)
    • U.S. Domestic students enrolled at HPU should have a study abroad experience and have demonstrated significant involvement in international co-curricular activities at HPU.

Student members are expected to volunteer for 2 international education activities during each active year of membership while a student on campus.

Membership Dues

Initiation Dues are $50; thereafter the dues are $25 annually.

Download the PBD Bylaws


Executive Committee Members

PresidentDr. Marjorie Church, outgoing
Chapter CoordinatorDr. Craig Curty
Vice Presidentopen
Secretary/TreasurerDr. Jeff Palis, outgoing
Social Media/Marketing Coordinatoropen
Community Liaisonopen

For information or questions, please contact Dr. Craig Curty, Chapter Coordinator.


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