High-PURCS Abstract Guidelines


Prepare your abstracts in advance of completing this form.

You must submit two (2) abstracts (project descriptions):
  1. Short Description (50 Word Max): The short abstract will appear verbatim in the program book. Your short abstract should be created as a separate file and uploaded to this form. Create the short abstract in a WORD file (.doc or .docx) and name the file “FirstName.LastName-short”. Your short abstract should be properly formatted as directed below; it will not be accepted if it is not formatted correctly. Be sure to spell check your document before you upload it.
  2. Longer Project Description (250 Word Max): A longer description of your project will be read by reviewers to determine if your work should be accepted. Please prepare your long abstract in a separate document, spell check it, and cut and paste it in the text box below. Make sure your description is long enough (but not longer than 250 words) to explain your work. Click here for tips on writing a good abstract.

Please include:

Title of the presentation
Mentor’s name
Begin abstract text (250 word limit)

Note The word limit does not include name / title / mentor information.

Please use the following format for your short abstract:

Title of the Presentation in Italics, Capitalizing Each Word, and Bolded
Name of the Author(s) bolded (separate multiple authors with commas and write “and” before the last author. Place an * after the names of all authors who will be presenting)
Mentor: Write Mentor’s Name, Department (not bolded)
Begin abstract text…

Example of Abstract Format for Short Abstract Submissions

Activated Psyllium Fibers and Cellulose as Chelating Agents
Paige Coleman*
Mentor: Chris Fowler, Chemistry
Begin abstract text…


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