Oral Presentations

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Oral Presentations

  •  15 minutes (12 minutes to speak and 3 minutes for questions)
    • The schedule will be strictly enforced so be sure to practice your timing.
    • Do not talk too fast!
    • A moderator will be in your room to track your time and give you a 5 min. warning.
    • Expect a classroom setting with presenter at the front of the room.
  • A computer and projector will be available.
  • Show up before the start of the session to load any audiovisual presentation on the desktop.
  • Bring your presentation on a USB drive; you must use the classroom computer
  • Keep a copy of your presentation in your email as a backup.
  • Tips on preparing oral presentations:


We reserve the right to cancel a presenter’s session if the above requirements are not met. 

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