Our typical program alumnus possesses at least intermediate-level proficiency in a foreign language, has studied abroad, is familiar with quantitative research methods and has completed advanced coursework in several different disciplines. Not surprisingly, these graduates are well prepared to stand out in numerous fields. In recent years our alumni have been accepted into the Peace Corps, joined PRA International as a proposal analyst, been commissioned as an Air Force intelligence officer, become an intelligence analyst at AT&T and gone to work for major financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank in Europe.

Nationally, most international relations graduates seeking a long-term career in foreign affairs will go on to seek highly specialized training at the graduate level. Many of our recent program alumni thus have headed directly to graduate and professional schools, pursuing advanced degrees in international affairs, economics, international marketing, law, international business, political science, international security and international development. They have entered excellent programs at American University, Boston University, the University of Connecticut, George Mason University, George Washington University, Instituto de Empresa (Madrid), North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, St. Mary’s (London), Temple, Villanova and the World Affairs Institute.


Your best place to start looking for an internship is to sit down with a political science faculty member in your area of interest. Dr. Martin Kifer maintains internship lists and he regularly distributes internship opportunities via e-mail to all interested students. If you are looking for examples of the kinds of internship positions that are available in North Carolina, your hometown or in the Washington area, you may find it useful to begin your search by taking a look at www.idealist.org.

If you are looking for information on US Congressional internships, most federal legislators provide internship information and application materials on their websites. Our department has a very strong track-record in placing HPU students in local offices for many different federal legislators in the area and in Washington.

Many of our students’ most exciting internships have been with non-governmental organizations in Washington or Raleigh. Most well-known think-tanks (e.g., Brookings, Cato and the John Locke Foundation) and public interest groups (e.g., Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch) have established internship programs. Some, like the Heritage Foundation, provide intern housing and/or a stipend.

Are you looking for an international internship during your “gap year” between HPU and graduate school? Check out The Center for Interim Programs.