Please check availability by viewing our calendar.
If you are trying to reserve the lecture rooms, editing suite, or media lab, please use this form instead.

Library Instruction Lab Rules and Policy:

  • Please be aware that the Instruction Lab cannot accommodate regularly repeating reservations for classes or events.
  • Because the Instruction Lab is priority use for librarians and instructors, students or student groups are discouraged from requesting reservations for the lab.
    • Note: Students are allowed to use the space for academic purposes, agreeing to yield the room to scheduled classes or events.
  • Trash should be disposed of in trash receptacles before leaving.
  • Only covered drinks and small dry snacks may be brought into the lab
  • Any problems or issues with rooms should be reported to the librarian on duty as soon as possible.
  • Only campus groups are allowed to use this reservation form to make reservations.  Outside groups must inquire about reservations by contacting Melissa Anderson at
  • This form should be used for reservations made 24 hours in advance.  If rooms are not in use and you wish to use them immediately, please email
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