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Media Production and Entrepreneurship

Media Production and Entrepreneurship

Mission Statement

Students learn media content creation from both the creative and the business sides of the equation. We teach strategic client-based media production, from creation through distribution. From budgeting to shooting. From pitching to producing. From storytelling to story-selling. Students will learn media production methods to address the evolving digital landscape anticipating and taking advantage of new technologies and media as they arise.

What’s this major about?

The Media Production and Entrepreneurship major is geared toward developing the media producers of the future. The fast-paced, ever- evolving media environment of today has resulted in a transformation of the traditional models of television, journalism, and entertainment. Media today is more accessible and flexible.

Media producers of the future will be asked to find innovative approaches to reach diverse, segmented audiences through multiple channels. While many communication programs focus on film, entertainment, or journalism, much of the media created in the real world is client-based. Companies, organizations, and individuals are actively engaged in creating media oriented toward customer engagement, social media, public relations, and advertising. Students in the MPE major will learn how to use the storytelling techniques commonly used in entertainment and broadcast industries to create exciting and informative media that communicates effectively.

MPE courses cover all aspects of media production including video production, cinematography, editing, motion graphics, and multi-camera production. This foundation in media production results in a technical and aesthetic understanding of how to organize and execute multiple forms of video media projects.

What makes the MPE major at HPU unique is that we integrate additional courses that prepare students to be successful working in the media industry. Students take courses in strategic message development that help them integrate effective messaging methods into all their media projects.


  • Foster an entrepreneurial approach to media creation oriented toward developing imaginative solutions to communication challenges
  • Integrate strategic messaging concepts from Advertising and Public Relations into innovative approaches to media creation
  • Provide students with a basic understanding of how to turn innovative ideas into a feasible business plan


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