Are you an aspiring business leader or entrepreneur? Philosophy majors perform better than business majors in MBA program entrance exams (the GMAT).

Business Skills You Learn with Philosophy

Innovative thinking
Critical analysis
Ethical Leadership
Effective Argumentation
Ability to Challenge Fundamental Assumptions


Philosophy Majors score 15% better than business majors on GMAT, to get into MBA programs after graduation. Phil majors ranks only second to Math majors!

Business Track (Recommended Courses)

  • Business Ethics
  • Critical Thinking and Logic
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Symbolic Logic
  • History of Philosophy

Business Leaders with Majored in Philosophy

  • George Soros: money manager, Soros Foundation
  • Peter Thiel: PayPal co-founder
  • Mark Hulbert: financial columnist for FORBES magazine
  • Patrick Bryne: CEO of
  • Max Palevsky: American venture capitalist and philanthropist
Philosophy majors consistently surpass all other majors on the verbal and analytic writing portions of the GRE: the Graduate Record Examination that most graduate programs require prospective students take for entrance and funding.  Phil majors tend to score extremely high on the quantitative portion as well.


Let’s face it: Socrates was the first attorney. And ever since, Philosophy has been a rigorous field of argumentation, critical analysis, reasoned articulation, and effective communication. Philosophy as a major provides the essential skills to succeed in the legal field.

Phil majors dominate the LSAT and Acceptance into law school: Philosophy Ranks 2nd!!!

Majors with the Highest Acceptance Rate Into Law School (2001)

  1. Physics
  2. Philosophy
  3. Biology (specialized)
  4. Chemistry & Gov’t Service
  5. Anthropology
  6. Economics
  7. Biology (general)
  8. History
  9. English

Law School track in Philosophy (some recommended courses):

Critical Thinking and Logic
Ancient Philosophy
Symbolic Logic
Political Philosophy
Ethics: Business, Bio-Medical, Social, or Communication

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Are you an aspiring doctor? Philosophy majors score better than any other humanities major on the MCAT: the test that determines the medical program into which a student is accepted.


Philosophy majors score better than biology majors on the MCAT!


According to the American Medical Student Association:

Philosophy majors have the HIGHEST medical school acceptance rate of all majors at over 50 percent.


 “Philosophy majors are highly sought by law schools and medical schools.”

— James Wagner, President of Emory University


Medical School track in Philosophy (some recommended courses)

Bio-Medical Ethics
Critical Thinking and Logic
Symbolic Logic
Ancient Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Business Ethics


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