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Are you an aspiring business leader or entrepreneur? Philosophy majors perform better than business majors in MBA program entrance exams (the GMAT).

Business Skills You Learn with Philosophy

Innovative thinking
Critical analysis
Ethical Leadership
Effective Argumentation
Ability to Challenge Fundamental Assumptions


Philosophy Majors score 15% better than business majors on GMAT, to get into MBA programs after graduation. Phil majors ranks only second to Math majors!


Business Track (Recommended Courses)

  • Business Ethics
  • Critical Thinking and Logic
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Symbolic Logic
  • History of Philosophy

Business Leaders with Majored in Philosophy

  • George Soros: money manager, Soros Foundation
  • Peter Thiel: PayPal co-founder
  • Mark Hulbert: financial columnist for FORBES magazine
  • Patrick Bryne: CEO of
  • Max Palevsky: American venture capitalist and philanthropist



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