Pre-Professional Programs


Advisors: Dr. Scott Ingram, Dr. Donna Scheidt

The pre-law program is designed to help students effectively navigate through the complicated process of applying to law school. Students interested in law school should meet with the pre-law advisor early in their academic career for assistance with developing an academic program that satisfies both the student’s interests and the intellectual rigor that law schools expect to see in the transcripts of their applicants. Law schools accept applicants from a wide variety of majors, but they closely examine transcripts for evidence that the applicant has taken challenging classes across multiple disciplines.

Extracurricular activities such as pre-law club and internships or work experience in law-related fields can also help to strengthen applications. Students should take the LSAT between June and December of their senior year; October is generally considered the optimal time to take the test. Students should meet with the pre-law advisor during their junior year to design a plan for preparing for this test.


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