We are excited to offer a wide selection of pre-recorded fulldome planetarium movies, which will be screened during almost all of our programs. These professionally produced 20-30 minute films are both educational and entertaining, and they cover a range of topics like supervolcanoes, coral reefs, dinosaurs, black holes, and much more. While all of our films are suitable for general audiences, some are catered to specific age groups. A full listing of available fulldome movies follows. Further details can be found by clicking on any of the movie posters.

HPU faculty & students: If you are interested in expanding our fulldome movie library, please identify any show(s) you would like in the Spitz Fulldome Library page and email Dr. Brad Barlow (bbarlow@highpoint.edu) with the details. He can obtain pricing quotes for any show license to help you plan your budget and acquire new shows.