We are excited to offer a wide selection of pre-recorded fulldome planetarium movies, which will be screened during almost all of our programs. These professionally produced 20-30 minute films are both educational and entertaining, and they cover a range of topics like supervolcanoes, coral reefs, dinosaurs, black holes, and much more. While all of our films are suitable for general audiences, some are catered to specific age groups. A full listing of available fulldome movies follows. Further details can be found by clicking on any of the movie posters.

HPU faculty & students: If you are interested in expanding our fulldome movie library, please identify any show(s) you would like in the Spitz Fulldome Library page and email Dr. Brad Barlow (bbarlow@highpoint.edu) with the details. He can obtain pricing quotes for any show license to help you plan your budget and acquire new shows.

Birth of Planet Earth movie posterBlack Holes: the Other Side of Infinity movie posterFaster than Light: the Dream of Interstellar Flight movie poster
Solar Superstorms movie posterDynamic Earth movie posterTwo Small Pieces of Glass movie poster
Oasis in Space movie posterHow It Was Told To Me: Māori Legends from New Zealand movie posterFlight to the Moon movie poster
Take Flight movie posterNatural Selection movie posterFantastic Fractals movie poster
The Fulldome Nutcracker Suite movie posterCell! Cell! Cell! movie posterTo Space and Back movie poster
Spooky Space movie posterThe Longest Night: A Winter's Tale movie posterAtlas of a Changing Earth movie poster
Beyond the Sun movie posterExpedition Reef movie posterHabitat Earth movie poster